Salesforce Marketing Cloud - All You Need To Know!

You are already aware of Salesforce as a CRM company but have you ever heard of its other lesser-known but most effective platforms like Salesforce mobile app development, Marketing Cloud, etc. Today, through this blog, we’ll let you know all about the most demanded platform i.e. Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - All You Need To Know!
Salesforce Marketing Cloud - All You Need To Know!

With the kind of popularity that Salesforce holds now, it’s not shocking that the Salesforce mobile app development is just going off the scale. The Salesforce mobile app builder has also been a buzzword when it comes to app development platforms.

But, today, we present one of the most demanded Salesforce platforms, i.e. Marketing Cloud, for the marketing professionals who are willing to get high returns over investments through understanding and offering customers, what they need.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

A customer relationship management platform for marketers, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is used for the creation and management of marketing campaigns and relationships with customers. Marketing Cloud has predictive analytics that helps in making decisions like - what channel would sound preferable for any given message.

The platform has multiple possibilities, all focusing on marketing, placing the clients at the center of every experience.

It provides solutions for customer management, social media, email, mobile, advertising, content creation and management, data analysis, and web personalization.

A component known as Journey Builder helps marketers to tailor campaigns related to customers’ needs and behavior, communication channel preferences, and demographics. 

Key Highlights of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

From step-by-step customer journeys to sophisticated reporting and tracking, campaign management has never been this easier.

  1. Plan management, personalization, and optimization of journeys.

  2. Positive experience generation for customers.

  3. Can map one-on-one customer journeys across multiple devices, channels, and customer lifecycle stages.

  4. Analyzing and assessing customer interaction impacts to determine the strengths and flaws in the processes.

  5. Collection and segmentation of more information about your clients.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Using the SFMC platform, you get:

  • Customization using Artificial Intelligence: SFMC allows the combination of data with the Einstein tool so that the interactions could be organized using AI. The platform, therefore, enables a customized communication with clients, based on their relationship with the firm.

  • Impact Analysis: The software performs all measurements related to the customer journey through various devices and channels, making use of Google Analytics 360 and AI.

  • Profound Knowledge on the Client: Through SFMC, to obtain a single unified vision of the customer, the connection of data from various devices and sources becomes possible. And it also enables the capturing and activation of first, second, and third-party data.

  • Decision Making: The SFMC platform helps you to create better decision-making tools. The software offers you information that is gathered and presented graphically, helping you visualize the upcoming trends, thus making your decisions to be more accurate.

  • Creation of Interest across the Journey: This software generates awareness and attention during the whole process, i.e. a two-way engagement in real-time, which provides insights to offer the best action to every customer. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tools

SFMC brings forward the possibility of creating tailored content for individual customers through various channels like e-commerce, online advertising, mobile advertising, social media, and user communities. 

SFMC includes all the following tools:

  • Audience Studio: This tool fulfills the Social Listening goal enabling the creation of content that is more appealing to the audience. Using this tool, one will be able to capture and unify data from any source, all in a single place. 

  • Social Studio: This tool aims at creating customized and tailored campaigns, turning your social audience into potential leads and paying customers.

  • Advertising Studio: When talking about digital advertising, you can find solutions for managing the acquisition, alignment, and retargeting of campaigns.

  • Journey Builder: This tool from SFMC is used for creating customized customer journeys via multiple channels.

  • Interaction Studio: Using this tool, one can visualize customer experiences in real-time and can also connect with them through interactions.

  • Datorama: This tool is more like a hub where one can access all the data through a dashboard and also business can be bolstered here along with controlling the return of investment.

  • Google Analytics 360: This tool included in SFMC is developed by Google itself., allowing the users to use all the available customer insights to know them better and obtain more.

  • Mobile Studio: Use of this tool enables marketing interactions via push notifications, group messaging, and SMS. This also helps one to leap more towards mobile devices.

  • Pardot: Targeted at B2B models, this tool makes automation in marketing easier, empowering the sales team while closing deals and creating connections.

  • Email Studio: This tool is oriented towards performing customized campaigns of email marketing and more.

  • Data Studio: As per Salesforce, this tool is the best solution for discovering audiences, acquiring data, and also taking control over data. Data Studio is also the best tool for increasing revenue using valuable data.

Scope of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Marketers

In a draft of business brilliance, SFMC brings the best marketing tools into a single unified platform that lets marketers do everything in one integrated suite:

  1. Engaging with social audiences to create a two-way communication

  2. Measuring and optimizing every single interaction

  3. Advertising with social advertisements and ads retargeting

  4. Publishing of social content

  5. Listening to social conversations

When combined with the Salesforce CRM, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been a game-changer. It creates exceptional opportunities for building and engaging with audiences, delivering more targeted messages, and turning the insights into actions.

Reasons For SFMC Being The World’s Most Advanced Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing has never been the same as we all know. The amount of customer data available with marketers today is huge. Due to smartphones, technology advancement, social media, there has occurred a fundamental shift in the relationship between brands and customers. 

But the quantity of data matters only if you are smart enough in using the data to power one-on-one customer journeys.

  • Content Builder:

  1. You can manage all your data assets and content in one place. 
  2. Easy handling of assets with advanced tagging and searching capabilities.
  3. Sharing and approval of content for use throughout the firm.
  • Audience Building:

  1. Creation of a single view for each customer with information from any random source.
  2. Then, targeting the specific segments and audiences throughout the customer’s journey.
  3. A drive from managing data to building valuable relationships.
  • Marketing Cloud Connecting:

  1. Keeping customers in sync across marketing, sales, and after-sales service interactions.
  2. Triggering messages and journeys as customers interact with any of the departments throughout the company, delivering similar and seamless experiences everywhere.
  • Personalization Builder: 

  1. Powering personalization by the use of Einstein’s predictive capabilities of intelligence.
  2. The pairing of customer profiles with machine learning algorithms showing the right content automatically.
  • Analytics Building:

  1. Track, measure, and keep a record of your journeys and campaigns.
  2. Unveil the new customer insights through predictive analytics and rich reporting.

As you can see that Salesforce Marketing Cloud has turned out to be a unique tool and a boon for marketers willing to craft personalized and automation strategies. The possibilities are nearly endless once you get to know that how to get the best out of this platform.

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