Top 16 Features To Design App Like Byjus. (eLearning app development)

December 21, 2022

E-learning mobile app development is at its peak, and now is the perfect time to start an e-learning venture. If you have a concept for building e-learning app development features that will benefit students, go ahead and seize the opportunity by hiring e-learning app developers.

Since the traditional way of studying was doomed during covid, e-learning apps have gained the limelight and become extremely popular. Parents also praised e-learning apps as they really helped them to keep their children engaged dusting the lockdown. 

​​Forbes estimates that the value of the worldwide e-learning market was $166 billion in 2014 and will increase to $325 billion by 2025. That is a clear "green" signal to put money into the online learning industry.

E-learning app development focuses on providing educational material to students, not out of the classroom. As a result, many schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions have adopted e-learning to complete the curriculum.

Undeniably, link other industries, e-learning mobile app development has a huge benefit in the education sector to enhance the standard of education and can improve the user experience by focusing on ingenious ways of learning.

However, delivering a magical user experience and successfully monetizing capabilities only comes with the best e-learning app development features. This blog will discuss all the features your e-learning app must have to develop an app like Byjus. 

Byju is India's leading educational technology company, valued at US$22 billion, and has over 115 million registered students.

Essential Features to Build your eLearning App

Do you know there are nearly 5,20,000 Edtech & e-learning apps collectively active on the Play Store and App Store?

So how will you stand out from the crowd? 

Hire e-learning app developers with experience designing e-learning apps and have promising hands-on emerging technologies.

Now, without further ado, let’s discuss the key features of designing an app like Byjus.

  1. Multiple sign-up options

Allow app users to sign up quickly via email, Google, or Facebook accounts. When you make the sign-up process easy for the user, they will most likely register. Old fashion forms for sign-up will no longer increase your sign-up numbers.

  1. Profile Creation

This is the most common yet essential feature of the eLearning app. Profile creation feature allows students to create a profile and enter their personal information, like name, age, sex, course, class, and others. You can add fields to collect user information to give personalized offers based on your business requirements. 

  1. Schedule Management

Both students and teachers will benefit from a schedule management module with a booking calendar. The schedule management module includes features like showing the booking schedule, postponing a booking, canceling the booking, or reminders. In addition, it allows both students to book or reschedule doubt classes based on teachers’ availability. 

  1. Course-Creation Module

Using this module, instructors can design their own distinctive courses. They can also add quizzes, notes, and other crucial information based on the subject to help students gain intense subject knowledge. Teachers can all add video and sample papers for time management in the exam and competitive exam preparations.

  1. eBooks

Adding eBooks is another best option for eLearning app development. As an owner of the Elearning app, it's a great idea to provide eBooks to your app users. Again, this is an excellent way of monetizing, as by collaborating with ebook authors, you can earn good money and increase your course price. 

  1. Shared Space

For teachers and students, shared spaces are more similar to web spaces where they can upload and exchange documents. Both instructors and students can save important notes and keep track of all the downloads using this shared space.

  1. Search Filters

The search filter is an essential feature of an eLearning app. It allows app users to search courses based on 

  • subject title, 
  • course duration, 
  • ratings, 
  • language, 
  • practical lessons, 
  • price, 
  • free materials, 
  • tutors, etc.
  1. Course Recommendations

The course recommendations allow you to recommend the best courses to users based on their interests. You can also upsell or cross-sell your services by sending relevant recommendations. This is the best feature you can consider in your eLearning app as it helps you increase the cost of the deal you will offer to the kid’s parents.

AI app developers can easily create this feature in your app. So, before hiring an app development company, don’t forget to check their expertise and portfolio.

  1. Categories and Subcategories

Besides search filters and course suggestions, categories and subcategories will help learners choose their favorite courses. You can add categories for social sciences, sciences, medical studies, business management, languages, fine arts, and more to your eLearning software.

10. Multiple Payment Methods 

Limiting your eLearning app with a few payment methods will not please your users. Instead, add multiple payment methods to give them ease as they prefer to pay with their preferred payment methods. 

11. Video Player

The eLearning sector is heavily reliant on educational videos. They will also be a significant element of the study material and courses offered by various teachers on your platform. You can restrict the number of video types teachers submit to provide a seamless uploading and browsing experience. An advanced video player is required to play all of those formats.

12. Ratings and Review

Modern customers see ratings and reviews as reliable sources of accurate information about a service or product. For this reason, an eLearning platform should also include the choices to submit and see ratings and reviews. These reviews will help students discover the best instructor for them by displaying the experiences of their previous students.

13. Chat Support 

Today customer wants instant resolution of their queries. It not only builds trust but also increases customer satisfaction. Chat support help brands to give all these capabilities. An AI-powered chatbot can answer various questions and be an ideal real-time chat solution. 

14. Multilingual Content

You must publish content in several languages to reach a global audience with your eLearning platform. You may also utilize translation technology. However, they are less flourishing than their human. 

15. Notifications and Quick Reminders

The notifications and reminders feature will notify learners and teachers of various forms of activity. This is an essential feature of the eLearning app. For example, if teachers want to take a surprise test or notify their students about the release date of the competitive exam, they can send a notification to their batch students. 

Additionally, as an app owner, if you have released any new feature, you can notify all users about that feature with a notification.

16. Gamification

This is another appealing feature of eLearning app development. The primary goal of incorporating game aspects into processes or systems such as eLearning environments is to improve their engagement and encourage learners to stay engaged.

This is about something other than producing a video game with your eLearning course. The main goal is to incorporate game-like elements to increase engagement and performance. Adding leadership boards, for example, can create a healthy rivalry in your eLearning environment.

This drives learners to try harder to accomplish better than their colleagues. While being interested and working towards their learning objectives. Similarly, offering badges to learners who meet their learning objectives on time is a great approach to motivate hard effort. Furthermore, gamifying eLearning allows you to measure learner progress.

Summing Up 

EdTech projects, like Byjus, offer user-friendly features. If you wish to develop a similar platform, select your app feature carefully and first launch a workable MVP. To create a successful eLearning app, it is essential to hire an experienced eLearning app development company for proper guidance and to ensure your project’s long-term success.

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