Video Streaming App Development Challenges & How To Fix Them

June 22, 2023

Are you struggling to develop a video streaming app? As a leading video streaming app development company, we understand your struggles and know what challenges you are facing. Here we will discuss five major challenges of Video Streaming App Development and its solution that can help you to stay ahead of the competition and build a reliable app.

In the last few years, video streaming apps have grown significantly. As more and more viewing options have become accessible, viewers' expectations for high-quality content and a great viewing experience have increased linearly.

The quality of your live stream is a key element that makes or breaks the experience for your audience. The message you're attempting to convey can be distorted by laggy video and uncertain audio. That is why you require a live-streaming encoder.

One of the finest things you can do to preserve hallmark quality is to encode your video footage, which is the process of turning RAW video files into digital ones. This calls for a specialized live-streaming encoder, which can come from cutting-edge software or hardware.

However, more than an encoder is required to build reliable Video Streaming Apps. Some areas need more attention than others in the Video Streaming App Development process.  

But this makes the process difficult and comes with many challenges that can be hurdles in providing a seamless experience to users. To solve these challenges, in this blog, we will discuss five common video streaming app development challenges and how to fix them.

5 Key Challenges of  Video Streaming App Development & How To Fix Them

Challenge #1: Security  

The security and privacy of the data and devices present a significant barrier and danger while live broadcasting over unsecured or shared Wi-Fi networks. These networks are frequently unprotected, unencrypted, and open to hackers who might access your data, change it, steal it, or infect your devices with malware.

Moreover, DDoS and cross-site scripting attacks frequently target video streaming applications, making them inaccessible to consumers and allowing attackers to steal user data or take over the application. 

The Solution:

Users can distribute and modify access privileges to data, systems, and terminal devices based on their responsibilities. As a result, Video Streaming App development companies must prepare for cyberattacks by encrypting the data both in motion and at rest. This can be done by creating a copyrights policy, securing passwords on your platform, enabling geo-blocking, and restricting IP access, among other measures. 

Additionally, the Video Streaming Apps platform should include a real-time dashboard and a built-in content management system (CMS) that tracks streams and avert technological glitches. Ensure your embedded code can only be used on domains that are safelisted.

Challenge #2: Selecting Ideal APIs

A wide variety of  APIs is available, and different APIs have different capabilities and features, making it challenging to compare them and choose the most ideal one. However, some APIs may not be compatible with specific programming languages or frameworks, creating compatibility issues and requiring additional integration work. Moreover, video streaming development requires top-not security, so the APIs must be secure and protected against attacks such as DDoS, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting. Finding all these things in one API is difficult for any beginner. 

The Solution:

To address this difficulty, you must ascertain the specifications for video streaming apps, including elements like the number of users, the quality of video required, and the devices the app will support. Once you know your needs, you can look into the technologies that satisfy them. 

However, this process can be tricky for those without proficiency in APIs. You can hire Consagous to do the hard work for you. We are the leading video streaming app development in California, with the ability to select and work on APIs. Our developers can help research and test different APIs to determine the best fit for your Video Streaming App Development.

Challenge #3: Scalability

Scalability is a key factor in any mobile application. And one of the biggest challenges mobile app development companies face in developing Video Streaming Apps is scalability.  In the live streaming application, as your user base grows, you need to ensure that your app can handle the tremendous amount of traffic.

Real-time Video Streaming Apps must cater to several users connecting at once. When several devices are connected, the application must adjust without lagging. Most streaming servers limit how many viewers and streams are active at once. Beyond this point, the server becomes overloaded, and the mobile app developers need help managing the volume of data. Scaling seems challenging, and the performance suffers.

The Solution:

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) can help to fix this issue. It plays a crucial role in providing an ideal video streaming app development service, as demonstrated by the recent concurrent development in CDN usage and online video consumption. Further, it enables low-latency video delivery to the end users, resulting in a better user experience while lowering expenses. A high-performance, economical video platform must have CDNs.

Challenge #4: User Interface

The video distribution chain's last and most important component is the one closest to the end user: the streaming app and user interface. A well-designed user interface (UI), which is both aesthetically pleasing and enables smooth interaction, could profoundly affect video consumption and service stickiness.

No matter how captivating content may be, bloated, laggy, non-optimized, and poorly designed user interfaces will not be tolerated by end users, especially given the abundance of streaming services vying for consumers' attention in today's market.

The Solution:

To overcome this challenge, you need to improve the user interface of your Video Streaming Apps, which includes optimizing the application on different devices and internet connections. Moreover, Video streaming app development companies avoid unnecessary elements and  utilize simple language on labels. And employ standard UI components to maintain consistency. Users feel more at ease and can quickly complete tasks when the UI uses standard features.

Challenge #5:  Monetization

You must monetize your Video Streaming Apps to generate ROI, and several methods exist. However, choosing the best according to your needs is challenging, especially for smaller platforms. Not only this, but there are other challenges, too. Many users install ad-blockers to avoid unwanted ads, which can significantly reduce the revenue generated from ads. Moreover, users may hesitate to pay for multiple streaming services, leading to subscription fatigue.  

The Solution

To solve these kinds of issues, video streaming app development companies need to take a few steps which can help to drive better ROI. 

Mobile app developers can use anti-adblocker technology to detect and block users who have installed ad-blockers. Alternatively, you can offer bundled packages or discounts for subscribing to multiple services. Moreover, you can invest in improving infrastructure and optimizing their video delivery systems to provide a better user experience.   


Including specific features and technologies that are essential to generating income is necessary for the success of any mobile app development business.

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