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In collaboration with you, Consagous Technologies can create a unique video streaming app that conveys the information and message in your films in an appealing, up-to-date manner that upholds your brand.

Solutions For The Development Of Effective And Strong Video Streaming Apps 

With flexible real-time audio and video WebRTC technologies, we provide a newly redesigned video conferencing app that will redefine how you communicate. A straightforward cross-platform (web, mobile, work area) video conferencing application development solution that enables video chat, messaging, and many other functions without the installation of additional software. We make sure the applications are aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and flawless for your application clients as we prepare the video streaming app development. We consider your specific business objective when we plan each screen, pixel by pixel. Football and cricket teams can coordinate live, real-time applications through Consagous Technologies, which also offers services for developing video-on-demand and sports streaming applications. The fantastic app allows users to access live television.



 We consistently adhere to professionalism in order to achieve our goals. We never give in on it. The same rules are followed by everyone who works for our organisation.

Working Morals

To accomplish our predetermined objective for the specific project, we use the agile methodology. So that we can fulfil our client's vision, we abide by the appropriate laws and regulations.


Given the significance of your work, we provide the project our complete attention while working on it.

Agile Development Methodology 

Rapid project completion, smooth communication amongst all parties involved, and thorough documentation for training and support.

Regulation Complying 

To develop solutions that are secure and compliant, you need a solid understanding of the FDA, HIPAA, HITECH, and CARES Acts.

HD Video Quality Integrations 

Our integrations enable the streaming High-Definition videos and audios with third-party integrations and end-to-end encryption of data modules. 

The Methodology Used by Consagous for App Development

Considerate Business Planning 

We ensure that every software we create meets market demands and is worthwhile of investment.

Turnkey App Provider 

Our staff fully assumes responsibility for all phases of your app's production, from project management to quality assurance.

Regular updates & support 

Our collaboration will continue to provide prompt updates and regular performance evaluations even after the app is deployed.

Cutting Technology Stack

We put the most recent advancements in software development to use for your interest.

Live video/audio streaming applications' monetization

Pay-per-download apps 

The viewer can buy more credits and points to boost their profiles. Additionally, the developer might include eCommerce features in their apps to improve in-app purchases.

Donation model

The donation model offers fans a simple method to support their favourite creators by making worthwhile and distinctive contributions. This motivates artists to produce quality work for charitable organisations.


The subscription model requires customers to pay a certain sum in order to gain access to the producer's "hidden" live material. Usually, the concealed content is more intriguing and distinctive than the regular stuff.

Revenue-from-Ads Model 

You can obtain live assistance from the app owner if you have any issues with the app's features. Expert assistance, will aid in properly understanding things.

Development of the ideal mobile apps for live streamingOUR ETHICS
User Sign-Up 

The person can quickly log into the programme using Facebook or email through user login. The user's data is entirely safe and secure, thanks to authorizations.

Customized Profiles 

Self-expression is the main element of a good user experience. As a result, the platform must provide customers personal profiles in order to elevate the user experience.

Multiple Streaming Features 

The major aspect determining whether your app can have features like live streaming for TV to feature user-created live content is the scale of your project.

In-App Notifications 

The habit of checking what's new in the app is formed by users receiving timely notifications, which is particularly beneficial for increasing user engagement.

Recording and storing streams 

This is a really useful tool that allows users to save or download their favourite movies and TV series so they may watch them later in offline mode.

Recording and storing streams 

This is a really useful tool that allows users to save or download their favourite movies and TV series so they may watch them later in offline mode.

Top Sectors We Serve 

Regardless of the scale, Consagous Technologies has everything necessary to provide businesses of all sizes with excellent on-demand app development services. We are thus fully capable of meeting all of your business needs, whether you are a small startup with a small audience or a large global live streaming software development firm for mobile and online

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