Want to develop a mobile app on a tight budget? Consagous Technologies Can Help You

Consagous Technologies is a leading Mobile App Development Company, having a profound experience of mobile app development in various sectors. We are also sterling in the design and development industry based apps like Enterprise apps, E-commerce app, Social networking apps, and Consumer apps.

Want to develop a mobile app on a tight budget? Consagous Technologies Can Help You
Get your mobile app on in a tight budget

Over the last decade mobile app industry has grown remarkably hence it is a thrilling area to keep an eye on. The mobile app development has become more divergent and idiosyncratic therefore it holds huge rip-roaring opportunities for the IT industry.  According to Yahoo Flurry study, “there are 175 million Americans with at least one mobile device. This means that, in aggregate, since November 2014, the US connected population is spending an extra 125 million hours per day on mobile devices. This growth rate is especially astonishing after seven consecutive growth years”. Thus, there is no sign of abating the solicitations of users for mobile applications.

This peal for mobile applications has led mobile application development companies rushing to find ingenious and newfangled ideas to build and launch successful mobile applications. If we talk about IT companies who hold the experience of a decade then Consagous is one of the leading mobile app development company which has gained global clientele by delivering innovative and trendy apps for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. We specialize in offering new driving force to businesses with top-notch code standards and anticipate rising trends that we think will bear the future tonnage of mobile app development.


Our Forte :

Though iOS applications retain its taut grip on the high-end market, we have worked on various technologies and provide sorted IT solutions for all type of businesses and enterprises. Our specialties are :


iPhone App Development

We create fast and smooth apps for iOS platform and deliver responsive IT solutions to control the budget and other resources. Our end-to-end solutions, affordability, scalability, and on time delivery makes us different from other mobile development companies and allow our apps to create an immaculate mobile experience across multiple devices. With our unique logic, architecture and polished UI/UX designs,  we build the apps that focus on client needs and help us to sweep the goals of our clients by satisfying the user’s expectations.


Android App Development

There is no doubt that iOS mobile applications are more persuasive but we can’t avoid the ascendancy of the Android applications as they continuously dominate the world through low price devices. According to the study of Open Signal, “Android devices alone span over 18,000 different types in the year 2014” and also cover the large market of the mobile app development industry. Consagous is one of the prevailing company of Android mobile application as we deliver Android apps and wearables devices that support multiple Android phones without compromising any features with strong security service. We apply a staunch software-inspired waterfall approach or an agile approach that perfectly fit into the Android mobile app development cycle.  


Hybrid App Development

In 2018, we will see assorted changes in all over a system of mobile development, as this industry keeps on expanding day by day. We can see the older technologies are phased out and new technologies are accepted to make apps sleeker, faster, and do things that they couldn’t do previously. That’s the reason Hybrid app development came into existence and we are using it to strategize our app development process more smoothly.

To build hybrid applications, we use the latest front-end development technologies and languages like JavaScript, CSS and,  HTML5, by giving them a cross-platform functionality.


Windows App Development

We have approachable strategies for window app development with lean methodologies and UX/UX designs that validate our products like mobile applications and web applications as early as possible to achieve satisfactory growth. We follow the modest ideologies for faster and better Window app development cycles that help us to gain the client trust and boost up our confidence to work more sanguinely.


Industry Specific Apps

We are also sterling in the design and development industry based apps like Enterprise apps, E-commerce app, Social networking apps, and Consumer apps. With the help of our compelling methodologies and responsive designs, we design industry-specific apps to empower the business of our clients competently.

If you have an idea and required a dedicated mobile app development team for your business, we can offer you the services of our experts. Consagous Technologies has a pretty solid footing on mobile app development.So reach us today and grow IT together Let’s connect with us at projects@consagous.co or Free Quote Here or Call Us At +1(512) 488-3568