What are the best language-learning apps in 2023?

May 2, 2023

Want to learn a new language? Check out our list of the best Education Mobility Solutions for learning new languages. As a leading Educational app development company in the USA, we have compiled all the best applications that offer comprehensive features and user-friendly interfaces.

Are you exhausted by your lack of communication skills?  With the best Education Mobility Solutions, you can improve your communication. We know that communication is the key to success in any relationship, notably between a company and its consumers. When companies fail to communicate effectively, it can result in uncertainty and dissatisfaction. If you're skilled at communicating, you can confidently explain your point to customers, solving issues and producing better outcomes in the long run. 

However, as globalization brings communities closer, it's also better re-connecting our businesses, organizations, countries, and languages. 

In this situation, learning your native language is not enough to succeed. It will limit your opportunities in specific locations, and your chances to expand globally will likely fall short. Hence, learning a different language is necessary to connect globally. 

Learning new languages in our native place is quite challenging. The reason being evident-shortage of experts. And you can only communicate well if you have expertise in the language. Otherwise, your tone can give away your lack of proficiency if you’re not careful.  

The language learning app allows you to study different languages from anywhere in the world.  Many websites and applications offer free and paid language learning courses. 

As a leading Educational App Development Company, we’ve compiled a list of the top language-learning apps for 2023 that can help you to become as fluent as a native and will gain the courage to express your opinions in front of others.

Let’s begin. 

7 Best Language-Learning Applications in 2023

1.    Babbel

Babbel is one of the best language-learning applications. Currently, 10,000 million users are using this app around the world. This education mobility solutions has an array of exercises to help you develop your reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. 

Its high-quality information, stylish layout, and precise speech recognition technology set it apart from competitors. Additionally, Babbel is expanding its features to provide consumers with a more complete experience


Free- $13.95/ Monthly Subscription, $41.85/ Quarterly Subscription, $83.70/half yearly Subscription, $167.40 yearly Subscription.

Google Rating: 4.7

Available on: Android, iOS, Web.

Languages Offered: 14 languages and 8 display languages.


  •  A user-friendly and appealing UI/UX
  •  Quality content for every language
  •  Value for the money


  •  Some lessons are long and tedious.
  • The level of content differs between languages.

2.    Duolingo

Duolingo is an unpaid cousin of Babbel’s. It is the first free language-learning app that has plenty of sell-placed exercises. All this exercise will help you to develop a fundamental grasp of multiple languages or review one you already know. Moreover, Duolingo has more than 37 language courses for speakers of English (those who know English).

Charges: Free

Google Rating: 4.7

Available on: Android, iOS, Web.

Languages Offered: 37 languages 


  • There is no restriction on the number of languages you study.
  • Excellent workouts and a crystal-clear framework
  • Able to test out of classes that are too easy.
  • Affordable paid subscription rates


  • The quantity of content varies by language.
  •  Lessons on grammar might be highlighted more significantly.

3.      Memrise

Memrise is an application for fun vocabulary practice. This platform uses spaced repetition of flashcards and mnemonics to increase learning.  The best thing about Education Mobility Solutions is that lectures aren’t too lengthy and include all basic grammar lessons. They won't take you very far, but they're an excellent place to learn about challenging subjects in your target language. Due to this, Memrise can only be used to learn languages at the basic level.

Charges: Pro – $8.99/Monthly

Google Rating: 4.6

Available on: Android, iOS, Web.

Languages Offered: Dozen of Languages


  • Free material for study
  • Most languages have courses available.
  • You and your friends practice together.


  • The web, iOS, and Android versions each have distinctive features.
  •  The cost of a monthly subscription is a bit higher.
  • Some features are not accessible for all courses.

4.       Rosetta Stone

One of the top learning apps, Rosetta Stone, lets you switch between languages before picking which one you wish to study. The best feature of this application teaching you words and phrases using audio and visual cues and employing excellent voice recognition software to evaluate your pronunciation. Furthermore, it offers a free three-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Charges: Pro – Subscription cost ranges from $35.97 to $299

Google Rating: 4.7

Available on: Android, iOS, Web.

Languages Offered: 24 languages.


  • Mimics total submersion in a foreign tongue.
  • The application is effortless to use.
  • Flexible courses are available. You can select your own courses.
  • Some additional features allow users to practice all skills and improve their capabilities.


  • The cost of subscriptions is high.
  • The pace of the course is quite sluggish.
  • The course's language is less conversational and more formal.

5.   Clozemaster

Clozemaster allows you to study languages in a real-world setting.  One of the greatest free Education Mobility Solutions. It features a variety of activities where you must complete the sentences with the omitted details. You will comprehend the many contexts in which you can use these phrases. You enhance your writing, reading, and speaking skills over time.

Charges: Pro Version- $8 per month or $60 per year. 

Google Rating: 4.8

Available on: Android, iOS, Web.

Languages Offered: Over 50 languages


  • Learn frequently used phrases in their context.
  • Enhance your abilities in reading, writing, and listening.



  • Certain phrases are incorrectly translated.
  • Practicing is the primary purpose, not studying.
  • The layout isn't particularly interesting or appealing.

6.   Bussu

Busuu is a language learning app that offers 12 different languages. With this Education Mobility Solutions, you can transform from a complete beginner to a fluent conversationalist. It offers exercises, grammatical hints, listening/audio samples, and grammar drills to practice new spoken courses and discussion tasks. Additionally, you can look at tests, writing exercises, and examples of pronunciation.


Charges: Subscription Cost Range From $6 to $13

Google Rating: 4.4

Available on: Android, iOS, Web.

Languages Offered: 12 languages


  • Lessons cover pertinent subjects.
  • The information is interesting and valuable.
  •  The UI and UX of this education mobile app design are also fascinating and appealing.


  • The language certifications (A1-B2) are not authentic. 
  • The lesson structure is comparable to other applications.
  • The free plan has many limitations.

7.    MosaLingua

MosaLingua is used by over 7 million users to learn new languages. With the help of this app, you have access to an array of educational and enjoyable materials that will improve your fluency. In addition, MosaLingua differs from other language learning programs because it facilitates language learning via the enjoyment of reading books, listening to music, and viewing movies.

Charges: Subscription Cost Range From ($53.99/year)

Google Rating: 4.3

Available on; Android, iOS, Web.

Languages Offered: 5 European languages.


  • Incredibly flexible method for learning 
  • Frequently updated with new content
  • An attractive flashcard app can help you improve your vocabulary.


  •  Less resilient than other applications
  •  The user interface is not user-friendly.
  •  Some audio recordings aren't of the highest caliber.
  •  Limited languages

Using these seven language-learning apps, you can transform your language skills from basic to advanced. All apps have different pros and cons; you can carefully examine all drawbacks and choose the best app that suits your needs. Hence, why are you waiting? Download one of these language-learning mobile apps and start working on your skills. 

Key Takeaway:

If you are considering building any language learning or e-learning app development, you are on the right track. As per language learning statistics, by 2029, it is anticipated that the industry for online language instruction will be worth $31.81 billion. A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.3% is anticipated starting in 2022.

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