Why Mobile Applications Are Must Have For Education Industry?

Today, educational institutes are availing the potential of mobile applications and smart devices to make education more smooth and productive. It has become a must have thing for the education industry.

Why Mobile Applications Are Must Have For Education Industry?
Importance of E-Learning Apps

The EdTech market in the contemporary scenario has changed dramatically in recent years. The EdTech market has crossed the net worth of $5 Trillion. This figure is 8 times to that of mobile app development market and about 3 times of the Media and Entertainment Industry.

Based on a recent study, the colleges and universities across the world will escalate their investments in Cloud Computing applications and Cloud Computing Infrastructure by 23%, till the end of 2023.

The above-mentioned study has thus unleashed the growing realization of the EdTech Industry or educational app development solutions. This fact is very important for the workforce in the 21st Century. More than 94% of the educators have a view that the E-learning app development has led to enhanced engagement in the study process. This is based on the fact that there are gaps between the teachers and students in the traditional classroom interaction process.


Importance of E-Learning Apps

The relationship between the student and teacher should be very smooth for effective education. This should lead to emotional and social development, which further leads to various fruitful outcomes in the real world.

By employing the Educational app solutions, the learning process can be made interactive, critical problems can be solved easily and education can be made more productive as well as effective.

Some existing M-Learning mobile applications are:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Duolingo
  • PhotoMath
  • Khan Academy
  • ABCmouse.com
  • Epic! – Unlimited Books for Kids.
  • Mathway – Math Problem Solver
  • Learn Languages with Rosetta stone.
  • Lumosity
  • Peak – Brain Training
  • Udemy Online Courses
  • Elevate – Brain Training and Games

Key benefits of E-Learning Mobile Apps

The demand for e-learning solutions is boosting every day and all the records are broken in the USA. There are many benefits of M-Learning Solutions, but here we will discuss the major ones.

Learning made Easy

The Learning process is made very simple by the use of mobile applications, by utilizing the videos, interactive whiteboards, animations, tables, and interactive displays. The education has been taken to the next level through digitization. Students are now served will all the tools and learning materials at the same place. This particular development has helped some financially weaker students as many times they are not able to bear the costs of regular classroom programs. By utilizing these mobile apps, the students can study at any time and place, based on their convenience.

Reduced Costs of Learning

Educational apps have reduced the Learning costs by leaps and bounds. Very high-quality education can be availed at low costs by students around the world. High-quality education is now not meant for rich people only as these mobile apps can be accessed by anyone having smart-phones. Instead of buying costly books, now the students can rely on online study material on smart devices with an active internet connection.

Learning made Boundless

Complicated algorithms can be solved easily by mobile applications and real-time calculations can be performed easily. All these benefits have made the learning process boundless. The students can learn as much they want based on the time they have at their expanse. The students can learn from these courses and have a bright future with minimal efforts.

Escalated Student Engagement

The education system in the 20th century was based on realistic education, child-centred education as well as social reconstruction. In the 21st century, this process has shifted towards gaining personalized skills so that the students can succeed in a challenging environment. The E-learning mobile applications have helped the students to have more engagement and better learning.


Technologies Employed in E-Learning Mobile Apps

Many sophisticated technologies are employed while having educational mobile app development. Some of the common technologies involved are as follows:

Cloud Technologies

The EdTech Companies around the world are using cloud solutions to host their data. This helps in enhancing operational efficiencies as well as achieving Costs Savings.

Blockchain Technology

A lot of information like Students Information, degree certificates as well as other relevant data can be stored effectively by leveraging the Blockchain Technology. The chances of data damage and loss will be considerably reduced along with increased security.

AR/VR Technology

In the recent scenario, more and more Education app developers are integrating the AR/VR solutions with mobile applications. With these advanced solutions, the learning process has become very interactive, interesting and ubiquitous.

The Augmented reality helps the students in better learning as it imbibes the digital aspects in the real world. More realistic and practical aspects of learning can be rendered by utilizing these advanced technologies.


Summing Up

These days, teachers are trying to incorporate tech in their teaching process to achieve better learning of the students. The development of E-Learning mobile apps has not only raised the education standard but has also reduced the cost of learning.

More and More Educational Institutes and organizations have started using these mobile app solutions to upgrade their teaching process and giving the best to the students. If you also want to develop a mobile application for your education venture, you can hire mobile app developers, who can help you in this endeavour.