2019 Forecasting For The Next Big Thing In Mobile App Development

As we know the world has grown increasingly dependent on mobile applications, therefore mobile app developers should consider the 2019 forecasting for the mobile app development.

2019 Forecasting For The Next Big Thing In Mobile App Development
Prediction For The Next Big Thing In Mobile App Development

In 2016, the mobile app industry generated approximately $44.8 billion and by 2020 it could hit $100 billion. This increasing acceptance of mobile phones has led to a gigantic demand for mobile applications.

As we know the world has grown increasingly dependent on mobile applications, therefore mobile app developers should consider the 2019 forecasting for the mobile app development. In today’s market having a customized mobile application is something that can help you to double your ROI. Yes this is true, according to research in 2016, 65% of online traffic came from mobile devices, and now this figure has reached to much greater figure.

In 2019, mobile app development companies will be evolving faster than ever before, business owners must be willing to acclimate to changes in tech if they want to stay competitive in the emerging market. For that, first, they must keep themselves in alignment with the latest trends. Now it’s time to start looking into trends that can help your business to skyrocket their ROI.


2019 Trends For Mobile App Development


This emerging technology holds unbelievable potential for many industries, especially when used in aggregation with IoT, artificial intelligence and Big Data. App developers will be focused on building new IT solutions that leverage blockchain solutions to facilitate micro-payments and smart contracts in the supply chain management.

Expert mobile application developers constantly update themselves in order to refine their codebases, scouring for solutions to make apps run more efficiently and smoothly. But for best mobile app development at their highest potential, new development tools need to be embraced. This may include the new workflow, new programming language. However, staying on the latest mobile application development offers dreadful benefits, it means newly congregated applications are using tools that are optimized for modern platforms, positioning your product to be ready for the next big thing.


AI-Driven Custom App Development

AI has been proven as a blessing for computing, mobile app solutions that effigy the human brain, AI-enabled apps can handle complexity and turn real-world information into actionable data. From the last few years, AI has taken great steps to enter the mainstream, big brands have begun utilizing AI tools while mobile app development. To make AI even more extensive, companies like Google are building their own AI chips to make on-device AI processing faster and secure. But because of its relative inception, it’s been strenuous to build applications with an AI because the technology simply hasn’t been available.


Multi-platform UI Development

Most of the mobile app development companies come to a halt in terms of front ends for Android, iOS, and web. Doing software development with these three different approaches is unproductive. Various frameworks and platforms are available to address all three in a reasonably successful fashion. On the back end, serverless IT solutions will be popular for certain use cases.


Human Behavior Modeling

The next trend of 2019 will be human behavior modeling — creating computational models of human behavior and developing algorithms to assist users with possibilities and preferences. Finding the trends using digital behavior can estimate the next step of the user. Programming perceptual processes will be the next big thing in mobile app development, and it will help conciliate digital identity and behavior.


Split Testing

Split testing, has helped mobile app development companies increase conversions for their businesses across the board. In 2019, we’re going to see an advancement with split testing thanks to machine learning. For example, instead of designing different layouts manually and seeing which one is better, different layouts would be shown to different customers automatically.


Summing Up

Mobile applications are addressing some Catholic concerns and have been helpful to better various facets of our lives. The above-mentioned trends are the attestation for how much traction is being generated in the area of mobile app development. These development trends hold the potential to solve some grave challenges in the workflow.

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