How to Create a Dating App like Tinder and How Much Does it Cost?

With more and more people switching online to find a partner, dating apps and websites have been extremely popular. If you are planning for some entertainment app development or about creating a dating app like Tinder, you should be familiar with the process and cost to build an app like Tinder. Continue reading the blog to know more.

How to Create a Dating App like Tinder and How Much Does it Cost?
How to Create a Dating App like Tinder and How Much Does it Cost?

More than 20 million matches per day, which equates to 40+ million people meeting daily with a thought of future relationships. The big numbers have made dating apps - a primary source of meeting new people. With the already existing high demand for dating apps and the unsaturated markets, can the dating apps industry make places for entrepreneurs and startup owners to wedge themselves in such an industry?

If you are determined to give it a shot, let’s talk about entertainment app development like dating apps and figure out how much it will cost!

Table of contents

  1. How do dating apps work?

  2. How to build an app like Tinder?

  3. Feature Analysis of Tinder

  4. The UI design

  5. How much does it cost?

How do Dating Apps work?

Basically, the selection of any suitable person involves some standard categories like gender, age, location, interests, goals of acquaintance, etc. The more these parameters match, the more is the probability that you will see a profile of any particular person. Also, some of the apps offer to fill in lengthy forms with relatable questions that would determine who can match you better. Also, you can apply filters to the suggestions that appear in your swipe listings.

One of the main reasons behind the online dating concept getting so popular is the fact that one can screen people before going out to meet them.  Back in the past, people used to be complete mysteries and online dating was much similar to cyber frauds. But today, being a special concern for women, security is the highest priority expectation.

Another point to consider is the value of the application. Apart from your dating and entertainment mobile app development has to present a clear and valuable solution to the varieties of user problems. Any dating application’s user experience (UX) is unique because of the effectiveness and ease of usage. Like the other location-based applications, dating apps also provide opportunities at the moment. 

Someone who you like might slip away from your radar forever if not swiped right. Now, this thing creates urgency and addiction to swiping either left or right.

How to build an app like Tinder?

No matter what the case is, Tinder is the star player in the market, so it will not be wise if we do not study what made Tinder so popular. It’s always a basic necessity to learn the fundamentals before starting something new. The same applies when starting with the development of dating apps or before any other entertainment and media app development

So what makes a dating app successful?

Tinder - a free dating app for both iOS and Android users, launched in 2012 had almost single-handedly built the perception of the audience on dating apps. The past experiences with dating apps or websites required constant involvement and turned out to be very annoying. Tinder has changed it all using the physical proximity as a profile pitch factor and its swiping theory where the right swipe is for “Yes” and the left swipes say “No” for which you won’t get to see that profile anymore. Tinder has kept these moves quite simple and clever.

Tinder for authorization has a smart choice and uses Facebook due to its omnipresence and the trending culture of social media. 

Feature Analysis of Tinder

Any entertainment app development or even dating app development costs directly for the varieties of features that it showcases. And, Tinder would be the perfect example to study the basic features of a dating application.

  • Geolocation and Communication

Tinder’s signature method is based on geolocation service. All the user experience (UX) also relies on the same. Without this, the app would be of no use because it’s all about finding people near you. Once you and your potential match are located at the same place, the app starts to analyze mutual connections, common interests, etc.

  • Premium Version

Being on any dating app alone does not assure anything, which might leave the users unsatisfied. The only win-win situation is getting the paid premium version of the app, i.e. Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, it makes a profit for the company as well as also helps the user getting more swiping opportunities and matches. 

  • In-app ads

Without any monetization schemes in the app’s operation part, the remaining option is advertisements. Some of the project owners agree to sacrifice their UX to make income through advertising and including paid ad-free versions. But the thing is that with the diverse competition in the dating apps industry, you won’t like to spoil your app’s UI/UX with annoying ads.

The general practice of any successful dating app or entertainment app development remains almost the same, make your app to be perfect in all aspects. Maybe your app comes out to be an ultimate money magnet. Further, you can sell the project and move on to the next ones with bigger feathers.

The UI Design

The user interface is the most vital as well as the most visual part of any entertainment app development experience. Tinder saw a right away success in the industry, its effortless actions related to difficult ideas were a major reason behind it. Tinder has modified the process of liking a person’s profile into an easy and quite natural thing, i.e swiping either right or left for selecting and rejecting, respectively. The real-life experience has to be the core concept of your dating app’s design, its user interface, and the user experience. 

On the other hand, it gives you notifications of only the positive outcomes, which is an extremely awarding situation.

Try keeping it simple in functionality as well as design. This could help the users get hooked on the purpose-driven experiences of a dating app, rather than being another time killer.

How much will it cost?

Any app development either its entertainment or any other startup is a business by itself or under progress, so things like development costs need to be specified right away.

  • The Direct Costs

The cost of dating mobile app development relies directly on the rates that are hour-based depending on the developers that you have hired. You have the option of hiring freelancers, or any in-house developers, or you can hire any outsourced team of developers.

Taking an estimation of 1400 hours for a single-platform application, and taking an outsourced team’s rate of $50/hour, leaves us with a bill of $70,000. Choosing for an outsourced team is a flexible approach which without any compromise in quality and time might reduce the costs by almost 50%. And, on the other hand, if you are thinking of hiring a local in-house development team, you will most likely double your costs for the same.

So, what are the expenses? For any dating app with basic features, designed like Tinder, and similar functionality patterns, you can consider:

  • 55,000 USD for any basic dating app;

  • Approx. 70,000 USD for a single-platform application.

  • 100,000+ USD for any hybrid cross-platform application with premium features.


With the above details, there’s no doubt that dating apps are trending now more than ever before and it hardly seems to decline as people have already set up their minds for these apps to be the way to meet new people.

If you are anyhow determined to test the grounds for the same, we recommend you to hire a competent outsourced app development agency providing media & entertainment app development solutions with an in-house team of designers and backend developers with experience in building complicated and amazing apps.

Consagous Technologies is just that. Our portfolio and past experiences in developing entertainment apps are enough to take on any dating app.

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