MOTUS MOVE- Digital Etiquettes for Kids


The client’s idea was to develop an app that could inculcate better habits in children as far as the usage of digital devices like tablets and smartphones was concerned. With e-learning becoming a way of life, it seemed prudent to come up with a solution that could keep children safe from the harmful effects of electronic devices, and also keep the learning process consistent.

The Big Question

How would Motus Move app make things easy for parents as well as their children?

With the Motus Move app, children would get a tool that would remind them of taking a small ‘fitness’ break from their screen time so that they could stretch themselves a bit before getting back to their task on the device.

By just activating the app, timely reminders could be set, allowing the children to indulge in one sitting and one standing exercise for about 60 seconds. These breaks would be continuing till the Motus timer is deactivated.

Challenges Faced

It was pretty important to understand that the target users were kids, and this is why things had to be kept pretty simple while also instilling a high degree of fun within the whole process.

There were a few challenges that needed to be addressed for the Motus Move app-

  • A highly simple approach.
  • Ensuring creativity with simplicity to keep the users engaged.
  • A small and cohesive app with specific support for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.
  • Making it an app that kids love and ACTUALLY make use of.

Overcoming Challenges

With some really good work on the initial structure, the conclusive framework of the Motus Move app brought elements together that resulted in a minimal and pretty simple app for use by the little ones in a family. 

The option of creating a dedicated mascot for your reminders only helped in taking things to the next level, by the virtue of better interactivity and enhanced app functionality.

Features of the App

  • A Highly De-Cluttered Interface

Motus Move has a supremely simple interface, keeping in mind the children as target audiences.

  • Inclusion of Tutorials

Easy-to-understand tutorials that act as good preparation for using the Motus Move app.

  • High Degree of Personalization

From the kind of exercise to the mascot character, personalization is at the core of the Motus Move app.

  • A FAQ Section

Inclusion of the FAQ section for answering the queries of parents to keep them better informed.

Steps Taken

It did not take long for us at Consagous Technologies to realize that the client was looking for something that will be truly pathbreaking for kids and their fitness by some great tablet etiquette through this app. 

Because the app in itself was pretty niche, the Business Analysis team at Consagous Technologies had its hands full in conducting its research on similar apps in the market and what they offered, and how the Motus Move app could use competitor shortcomings to its advantage.

Below is a brief look at some of the steps undertaken for the Motus Move app development-

Engagement With Users

Business Assessment Document


The development team indulged in a number of client meetings, intensely discussing how to come up with certain wireframes that could keep things simple and make them stand out at the same time for every single user.

UI/UX Design

The development team then also came up with a great design that could blow the competition out of the way while also keeping true to the initial concept as well.

UI Design

Backend & API

The database management on the Motus Move app was done with the help of MySQL, and the AWS server was utilized to keep the app online.


With CodeIgnitor’s PHP framework, the final flow of the app was a breeze to work on and execute, and the Motus Move app prototype helped in taking things further.



Results & Conclusions

Delivered within the mutually defined deadline, the Motus Move app hit the bull’s eye right from the very beginning and is actively keeping children fit and energetic, despite the digital ecosystem around them.