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We have created some of the most useful and feature-rich on-demand applications here at Consagous Technologies. Careful planning is necessary for the creation of an on-demand application. To improve the usability of such programmes, several essential elements must be thoughtfully implemented. The developers at Consagous are among the best people to turn to for help because they have a wealth of experience creating on-demand applications.

All types of organisations are increasingly relying on on-demand functionality. These programmes can offer an astounding variety of services, like cab booking, parking, hotel booking, packaging services, etc. 

More consumers are using on-demand mobile apps to place orders for goods and services. In the upcoming years, this trend will become increasingly prevalent. If you're searching for an on-demand mobile app for your business, the options are virtually endless and include ordering food, taxis, and even medical consultations.

  • Manage a full distribution operation without warehouses or inventory.
  • Give your clients the option to shop with you from the comfort of their homes.
  • Instantly offer services using your personalised on-demand app.
On-Demand Service App Across Domains

Delivering On-demand service app solutions across various business domains and verticals covering a wide range of services.

Leverage Cutting-Edge On-Demand App Development

A cumulative experience in On-demand app development offering customer-centric design and development is what we offer. Our apps provide seamless customer experience starting from booking to rating the service availed by them.

Number #1 On-Demand App Development Company

High-tech and reliable partner as On-demand app development company to meet all your customized technical and consulting requirements. Our expert team of developers are trained to deliver only the extraordinary and hassle-free customer experience for your On-demand service app development. 

On-Demand Service App Across Domains

Consagous has delivered numerous React JS projects, making us one of the most reliable out there!

  • Live tracking
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Past and Present Seach Activity
  • Rate and Review Option
  • Realible Customer Care
  • Multiple Payment Options

Our On-demand mobility solution can be your biggest asset to make your users life more convenient and interactive.

On-Demand App Development

Introducing The Uber Revolution Across All Sectors

Benefiting Businesses Create On-Demand Services Like Uber for New Markets

We have unique insights into the underlying technologies that support any on-demand platform thanks to the years of expertise we have producing a variety of on-demand service apps & solutions for our customers. Everything has been assembled by our on-demand programmers into a fundamental technological framework that will revolutionise the development of all on-demand services.

Flexible and Adaptable 

 Our solution will be specifically designed to meet your on-demand business demands, providing an exceptional experience.

Built-In Solution

Our solution is immediately accessible and offers dependable and scalable technology designed specifically for on-demand services.

Save Significant Time & Money 

With the help of our Uber for X solution, you can launch your business more rapidly and affordably.


After examining your target audience, we choose the operating system and app development technology. Our professionals provide efficient technology to all industries, regardless of their nature. So, we provide software solutions for a variety of technologies at our on-demand app development firm

Support for Live Chat/Message

Provide customers with the ability to communicate with the customer support team within the app to address their complaints without disclosing the actual contact details.

Define the Service Partner Scope

For the first time of its sort, partners can change the serviceable distance or areas while still offering their services.

Profession-based Search

You can control what services your consumers are specifically looking for with advanced search and filtering. There are no extraneous or repetitive details.

Appointment schedule

Users can easily set up appointments for future dates and times. All pertinent professionals will receive notifications, and job assignments are fully automated.

Wide-ranging analysis

It provides you with useful information on how clients behave. You may find out what services they prefer and how frequently they use them by analysing the data

Coupons & Offers 

Multiple coupons and discounts can be added and managed by admins. For the platform to gain more users during the holiday season, this function might be highly profitable.

Comprehensive Bill Estimation

The system automatically provides an estimation that gives consumers an idea about the projected amount of the bill based on the service selected, the time of day, and the length.

Reviews and Ratings

For each service they have used, your users can offer ratings and reviews. Evaluating each partner's performance is helpful.

In-app purchases 

With a variety of payment alternatives, including net banking, E-wallets, and credit/debit cards, users may pay for their orders in a quick, safe, and secure manner.

The Procedure We Follow

Gathering of Requirements 

The documentation would be the primary focus to ensure clarity, improve understanding between the parties, and achieve agreement.

Mockups, Designs, and Wireframes 

We help our clients create user interface (UI) designs that are captivating to look at, dynamic, and show how websites, mobile applications, and other platforms work in an easy-to-use way.

Modelling Demo 

To give our customers a taste of the app, website, or platform before it is finished and given design approval, we assist them with a demo or prototype.

Modifications and Verification 

 Customers are welcome to add and specify the necessary adjustments to their requirements for the current platform. 


 When the customer approves, we begin the development process using the technologies that are most appropriate for you, and our technical team commits to delivering your results within the specified timeline.

Support and upkeep 

  We provide unrestricted service and support as per the terms of our contract. According to your demands, we can provide packages that are either monthly or yearly.


  We are willing to assist our clients in marketing their company and/or products by offering complimentary SEO services and giving them a helping hand.

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