Messaging App Development

Messaging App Development Company 

As a well-known provider of mobile applications, Consagous Technologies specialises in developing messaging apps. Our team of talented and committed mobile app developers works on several different platforms. Our valued customers receive high-quality work from us. 

Due to their social networking capabilities, secure chat functionality, ability to make internet calls, ability to share media files like photos and videos, memories, and more, mobile messaging apps are popular and in demand. To stay in touch with friends and family, people are incorporating these messaging apps. Among the top-rated messaging apps with their features are Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, and Line.

Are you looking to own or create mobile messaging apps similar to WhatsApp? Get in touch with our staff to obtain a feature-rich, intuitive, and functional mobile messaging application. We work diligently to meet the needs of our clients from the planning stage to deployment in order to produce high-quality goods. The top messaging and chat programmes we have created have been recognised for transforming user communication.

  • Overcome difficulties with managing transport vehicles
  • Profitable mobile vendor management solution
  • Control dispatch timing and monitoring
  • Route improvements and fast delivery assurance
  • Improved inventory tracking and management

Instant Messaging App Development Company 

We have a great deal of experience creating internal and external communication solutions for all kinds of businesses. As more people around the world choose remote working situations, the value of communication has increased. With all the necessary functionality and a highly engaging user experience, we offer services for developing instant messaging applications. Get help developing iOS and Android chat applications by getting in touch with us right away.

Primary Characteristics

Syncing of contacts 

 Your computer's address book, email address book, and SIM card address book will all automatically sync with your contacts.


The makers of our chat software have included a built-in notification system that enables users to see important messages as they are being delivered and received.

Social Inclusions 

Users have the option to connect their social network accounts to additional services, like multimedia sharing.

Video Calling

Users can relatively easily make video calls to their teams, families, and friends.


Privacy and data security are crucial, from gigabytes of data transmitted through messenger to private corporate data loaded, transferred, and stored daily; our apps offer End-to-End encryption.

Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is an excellent choice for those who need backup to access their profile from various devices; if they lose or damage their phone, they can recover everything. With Consagous help, you can secure your business, safeguard yourself from unwanted visitors, and monitor customer service quality.

Why Should You Pick Us to Develop Your Messaging App? 

One of the best and most reliable mobile and web development businesses, Consagous has met the need of major international brands for their application development needs. The following lists the factors that make you want to collaborate with us:

Latest Solutions

We always concentrate on putting into practice company solutions based on the most recent trends and utilising cutting-edge technologies, so organisations must find it appropriate for fostering growth.

Budget Friendly

It is a fundamental truth that if you need something for your business, you must spend the money. However, we carefully adhere to the idea that every dollar spent by clients must be goal-oriented.

Trustworthy Solutions

Our professionals handle the project from beginning to end with a focus on how well it will serve the demands of the business.

Product Scalability

The key requirement for developing messaging apps in the future is scalability. We reassure you that creating scalable solutions for our customers is our main goal.

Experience Diversity

We have extensive experience and have catered to the app development demands of many different businesses. Regardless matter the type of your organisation, we can provide you with a high-quality application.


Our capacity to access technological and human resources sets us apart from other service providers. We make sure that every project receives the proper resources to be developed well.

Our instant messaging app solution's benefit 

Delivering value to clients is Consagous’s top priority. The advantages of using our instant messaging app development service will make the time and money you invest worthwhile.


 With support for many languages, the software can communicate with users in their own language. When configuring the app, users can select their favourite language or you can alter the language preferences in the admin panel.

Encrypted Messages

Your discussions should be private and intended only for you and your recipient. We include advanced encryption in the instant messaging apps we develop to protect your chat and media from any potential data security risks.

Compact Application

Avoid allocating too much space to a single app. The minimal system requirements for our software mean that it will use less RAM and storage space. It operates without a hitch on any system.

Cloud Synchronization

Chats are intended to follow you around. They shouldn't be divided into separate silos because that would make information dispersed and harder to reach. With cloud synchronisation, we can assist you in accessing your chats whenever and wherever you are.

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