Music Streaming App Development

Development of Online Music Streaming Apps

Businesses are investing a significant sum of money in the creation of music streaming apps in order to generate enormous revenues for their companies. There are now more options to break into this market thanks to the success of apps like Gaana, Jio Saavan, Wynk, etc. Because of this, music streaming services are increasingly enticing to startups and established companies. Consagous Technologies can assist you with some high-quality music streaming solutions that are made by qualified developers if you are also interested in capitalising on this hot piece of cake to reap the rewards for your company.

Music Streaming Apps Development


Applications for online music streaming are thought of as a form of direct entertainment supplied through your devices. We can create a piece of feature-rich music streaming app for your company as a well-known provider of music streaming app development, enabling your company to grow on the right path.

Bands' music app

Connect with the fans while generating a sizable source of cash from our music streaming app through in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Apps for editing music

We use user-friendly UI/UX designs with exceptional sound quality in our music streaming apps to provide the highest level of services for music editing solutions.

App for streaming music

Our team of talented developers at Consagous has expertise in building cutting-edge music streaming mobile apps that work well across a variety of devices.

Apps for learning music

To make studying music enjoyable and efficient for individuals, our skilled developers strive to produce effective music learning software.


Strong on-demand music streaming options are available from Consagous. If you have a concept for a music app, we can assist you in creating a live music streaming with the newest features. We provide a full range of services for the development of music streaming applications, including music editing software and group collaboration tools.


 Would you like advanced assistance? Hire a mobile app developer from Consagous Technologies to work for your business and receive the best full-time position at a competitive rate with no additional fees.


Get free guidance for your project management team and on-site project. Take advantage of your control and freedom by delegating tasks to your team in our centre.


Hire a professional from our development centre for your unique project. Modern channels of communication keep you informed about every aspect of your project.

Fixed Price

Send us your project idea to get free project guidance and price quotes. Best for projects when development time and cost can be estimated. Once approved, we will get to work on your project.


You don't need a developer working full-time. You can pay a developer on an hourly basis anytime you like. This is appropriate for big projects that require numerous plugins or for businesses that require specialised support.

Committed Hiring

Suitable for projects with a few extensions, modest to medium-sized projects, or both. For your continuing project, hire a developer, and he will be on staff full-time for you. advantageous to small and medium-sized businesses.


The professional team of music app developers at Consagous Technologies wiill work with you to design and create live music apps for Android and iPhone that will be useful for your company. We are a full-service Android live app creation company catered to your specific needs, offering everything from bespoke site development and on-demand music streaming to live music streaming, music editing, cutting-edge band-based apps, and more.

Sign up or Login 

Users have two options for improving their app experience: they can create accounts within the app or use their social network credentials to sign in directly.

Specify preferences 

Our developers are well aware that not everyone has the same taste in music. Users can customise their music tastes with our online music streaming software based on their musical likes.

Access Your Favorite Music 

Users of the app can quickly access and listen to their favourite music within the app, or they can search for it directly in the search box.

Streaming Live

On the music streaming app, users can stream their preferred songs live. Additionally, they can use the application to share music, audio, or video files.

The Music You Want

Users who want access to unlimited music downloads and offline listening can purchase a premium subscription.

Connect with Friends 

The software allows users to connect with others who share their interest in music. They are able to listen to their favourite songs with other people who share their musical tastes in this way.

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