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Secure, Feature-Rich Mobile Wallet Development Solutions for Multiple Payment Modes

Consagous Technologies strives to provide seamless, feature-rich eWallet app development services for Android, iPhone, and wearable technology. E-wallets are such ground-breaking software that they have supplanted the conventional method of sending money. You can get platform-oriented solutions, such as cross-platform app development and Android, iOS, with Consagous Texhnologies. Our solutions are promising since we regularly apply the most recent tech stack for app development.

eWallet App Development Company

One of the main trends that relieves users of the worry of carrying cash in their pockets is the eWallet. Now, all you need is a smartphone and an app connected to your bank account. The payment can be completed in a matter of seconds using e-wallet applications. According to statistical data, mobile wallet transactions are predicted to reach 715,450 million USD in 2023 and 1,253,795 million USD in 2025. It is a fantastic idea to develop an e-wallet application for corporate purposes

You can join in on this contemporary digital revolution with the assistance of Consagous’s e-wallet app development services. Our team consists of seasoned app developers with prove. brilliant track records.

What's the Procedure? 

Consagous Technologies offers the ideal solutions to meet all of your e-wallet requirements. With us, you may order a customised e-wallet mobile application or an on-demand software. The mobile wallet application's operation is demonstrated by the steps below.

Registration Process Simplified

The e-wallet programme does not require users to register because the process is simple and includes precise user verification.

Uncluttered Fund Transfer 

Once the users are connected, a secure fund transfer occurs without any issues. The recipient and transmitter both enjoy the process.

Recharge & Payments 

Using this software is entertaining in addition to the fund transfers, bill payments, and recharges. In addition, the user may use coupons and cashback deals.

In-App Notification

Users receive push notifications and are always kept in the loop regarding transactions and new offers.

Easy Shopping 

Shopping is simplified with clever e-wallet app solutions. By using choices like QR code scanning and others, it makes it easier for the user to pay for purchases.

User Safety

The mobile e-wallet app is equipped with the newest security measures. Customers can use the app without being concerned about cyber dangers as a result.

Development of E-Wallet Apps 

The modern technology known as the "e-wallet" makes many promises of advantages. It is being used by both enterprises and clients. A sizeable portion of people worldwide use various mobile wallets or electronic wallets. Consagous Technologies is also making a contribution on its end by creating e-wallets for companies all around the world. While creating the application, our team of skilled e-wallet-focused app developers takes care of every detail.

They constantly concentrate on providing the finest possible user experience and how that can aid the company in achieving its goals. Consagous’s e-wallet application development services are the ideal choice for you if you're seeking for high return on investment.

Why Pick Us For Your E-Wallet App Development? 

We are a top provider of mobile wallet development with over ten years of experience. You can depend on us to deliver the greatest goods and outcomes. Here are a few compelling arguments for selecting us as your go-to ultra-age e-wallet provider.

Software Security

The total security of tap and pay apps is ensured by taking care of the source code and black box. We ensure that the eWallet app is secure from any threats.

Testing for Breach

We carry out various penetration testing. This aids in ensuring the security of the mobile payment app against outside attacks.

Vulnerability Control

Our skilled eWallet app developers thoroughly inspect the app for any potential faults and errors before it is released.


We design the applications to be user-friendly and fun.

User Participation 

The excellent features that our developers create increase customer pleasure. These encompass a wide range of activities, such as offer generation, code generation, seasonal offer creation, and more.

Contemporary Approaches

We'll use the most recent tech stack to create your e-wallet application. Consequently, there won't be any compatibility problems.

eWallet App Development Services Across the Board From Consagous Technologies

Consagous is a reputed and reliable mobile app development firm with experience creating mobile apps and specialised software for various industries around the world. For businesses, we provide flawless mobile e-wallet apps that are unrivalled. In order to meet your needs, we can create apps or even release them on the app store. 
We provide the following eWallet app solutions:

Admin Console

 The dashboard allows the app admin or app owners to manage the overall activities. They are able to control reporting and analysis, payment tracking, account activation or deactivation for users or merchants, among other things.

User’s App

In addition to other things, this covers user registration, bank account authorisation, balance check, money transfer, notice, and billing history. The usefulness of the e-wallet app is increased by a number of additional features.

The Merchant App

For business owners, this works brilliantly. because it enables them to successfully handle their task. This covers adding products, managing customers, and making QR codes, among other things. It has a merchant dashboard included.

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