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We develop the next generation of store finders, restaurant locators, city guides, employee information finders, employee locators, and applications that feature multiple listings for local establishments, properties, vehicles, jobs, and more for desktop, web, Android, and iOS thanks to our expertise and experience in Directory App Solution.

Consagous Technologies can assist with numerous features and prerequisites to guarantee the application's smooth operation and compatibility with any screen. The client's project idea is carried out by our skilled development team, who then revise it for the directory application. 

Consagous provides customers with a tailored, cutting-edge technical business solution that meets their needs. We make sure to provide the following services to our clients who have chosen us to supply the business solution for the directory application, keeping in mind our goal to deliver the finest.

Applications for directories are now simple to use, and if they are created using cutting-edge yet user-friendly technology, they have the potential to go viral. The directory application is all about locating and looking out for relevant information for your company. The Consagous developer team takes into account all of your demands and requirements when creating the best directory application, whether it is for a consumer or an organisation, to guarantee the application's appropriate functionality.

What We Bring To The Table

Functional Flexibility 

For every application we create, our team offers a dynamic solution. Each application can be easily managed from the admin panel, where the admin can manage every aspect of the application using the backend panel and update all the data on his own. 

Cost-Effective Approach 

For all of your needs in developing mobile and web applications, Consagous offers affordable solutions. We offer the most competitive prices in accordance with your needs. Our team offers cost-effective quality Web and app development services. 

Permanent Assistance 

Over the years, we've worked with a variety of industries, and our staff has plenty of expertise in creating online and mobile applications for clients and businesses around the globe. We continuously offer unending support and upkeep services.

Results-Oriented Approach 

Every time, we carry out the task in accordance with the requirements of the client and the work specification. Our solutions are always user-friendly, tailored to the client's needs, and the best available in the market, taking into account their particular business needs.

Directory App Development Company

What varieties of directory applications can we build for you?

Interested in seeing your idea for a directory app come to life? We can assist you in creating your directory app. Before you begin creating your app, let's have a look at the kind of directory apps you can build with us.

B2C Directory Apps

 Are you interested in developing a business-to-consumer (B2C) directory platform with features like user ratings that enables people to connect with businesses? Users can look up companies and service providers using a B2C platform. Since we don't create software, but rather assemble it using our human-assisted AI, creating your directory listings app with us is as simple as placing an online pizza order.

Local Business Directory

Using your device's location or search criteria, local business directories enable you to identify companies that operate in your neighbourhood. We can assist you if you wish to create a Foursquare- or Yelp-like platform for finding local businesses. Create your local company directory without writing any code for iOS, Android, or the web.

B2B Directory Apps

Create a business-to-business (B2B) directory to enable business networking. We make it simple, quick, and affordable to build B2B business discovery platforms. As your MVP, start building for one platform, or a combination of iOS, Android, and the web.

Professional Directory

 Do you wish to create an alternative to Upwork or anything similar? Yes, you can create a directory of experts that enables people to contact experts and use their services. There are a large number of professional directory platforms to draw inspiration from. Create your own now, or talk to us about your app concept.

How do we build directory apps in 6 easy steps

Select the software you want

What sort of directory applications do you want to create with us? You can choose one or any combination of apps, whether they are for a desktop, a mobile device, a web browser, or something else.

Select the app that best embodies your concept:

Pick the app that comes closest to your idea for a directory app. If you want to create something that already exists in the world, there are a large number of directory app templates from which to select.

Choose the characteristics that you want

Consider using the auto-suggest from our AI-powered library of features for your directory app, or include any bespoke features you desire.

Choose your starting platform

 Would you prefer to use iOS, Android, a desktop operating system (Windows or Mac), or the web? Choose one or a combination of all the launch platforms you want to use to introduce your directory app.

Choose your team and the delivery window

 Select the team according to your preferred worldwide time zone and delivery window (how quickly you want your directory app developed).

Launch the app

  Following a review, your directory apps are ready to be launched. We'll assist you in getting ready for an effective launch.

Directory App Development Company

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