Fitness App Development In California

If you are looking for top-notch Fitness App development services in California, Consagous is perfect.
Our team has the right amount of experience in leading platforms and technologies like PHP, ReactJS, and Angular, which helps to build Customized Fitness Apps without any barrier.

Develop Fitness Trainer Mobile Apps That Make Everyone Healthy 

The endless digital entertainment mobile apps have long been blamed for the lack of exercise. At Consagous, we believe the same mobile apps have the power to help users adopt a healthier lifestyle.
We bring together the power of technology and age-old physical training to help users lead a healthy lifestyle. Our developers can develop mobile fitness apps that allow users to set up an exercise program, follow the program as a habit, and measure results at any time.
Consagous is known for its top-notch technology, which works well on wearable devices, fitness trackers, and even regular smartphones. All you have to do is provide a complete picture of what you are looking for. We provide the rest of the IT functionality you need to build a comprehensive health and fitness app. 

Fitness App Development

Our Fitness App Development Process


We start with making an action plan that gives us a roadmap to achieve our client’s objective. Our team will design action plans that suit your requirements and stand out by industry standards.


Our highly experienced design team will create a mock-up or prototype of our client’s application. Our team personally pays much attention while designing a fitness app to provide a seamless user experience.  


Once the design is part is completed, we move forward with the development process of fitness apps. Our developers setups servers, APIs, databases, and everything required to build the best-featuring apps.

QA And Testing

Once the development process is completed, we start testing all the features and ensure all tools work correctly. At Consagous, we used the most advanced approaches to perform testing on all the major devices and operating systems.


We provide ongoing support and maintenance for a better user experience. Our software engineers will keep updating your application with the latest trendy feature and are always ready to modify existing features based on user feedback.

Our Fitness Development Services

Workout Or Exercise Apps
Exercise App Development

At Consagous, we build next-generation workout apps with video-on-demand libraries, personalized workout programs, live streaming, VR fitness, IoT integration, gamification, and more. With a multitude of projects, our technical expertise is second to none. 

Meal Planning Apps
Meal Planning Apps

Thinking about how to help users to eat healthier? Get the app of your dreams with advanced features like in-purchase and location-based as well as diet-friendly restaurant suggestions.

Yoga And Meditation Apps
Yoga Applications

Recreate the space with the help of our top-notch developers. We'll give your app an elegant design and great accents to stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to create a place of solace with self-care sessions and reminders or build a social community, we'll help you make a striking difference. 

Activity Tracking App
Tracking App development

Perfect integration allows users to accurately monitor their physical activities, such as jogging, swimming, and cycling.  Moreover, our developers add tracking features to help users stay on top of their health, including heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, calories, and water intake.

Gym Applications
Gym App Development

We make it easy to run your fitness business. Automate your daily processes or give your members an app that allows them to easily communicate with your gym for visits, billing, group activities, and more. 

Why Choose Consagous?

Fitness Industry Expertise

Our team has a broader knowledge of specific industries, especially in fitness. Our fitness experts will help you create a bespoke fitness mobile app that will suit industry requirements, practices, and user expectations.

Time-Bound Deliverable

Time is the wisest counselor for all of us. That's why we value our client's time. We have a dedicated team that gets things done proactively. Our team takes pride in delivering projects as per the agreed timeline.

Hallmark Quality

Consagous is known for its hallmark quality. Our developers believe in delivering a seamless experience to our clients. We are an expert in providing a zero-bug, flawless functioning, and glitch-free performing fitness application.

Market Reputation

Consagous is the leading technology expert in California. All popular communities and websites have given us positive reviews, which makes us one of the best fitness app development companies.

Longest-Standing Experience

Consagous has been building mobile apps for one decade. We have long-standing experience in innovating through technology and developing fitness trainer apps.

All-Time Support

Our dedicated team will always be there for you no matter when you reach us. We provide 24/7 support to solve our clients’ queries in the shortest time possible.

Stay updated with the latest and trending updates from the world of technology. 

Innovate with us to create a successful fitness app in California.

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