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Learning opportunities for your students 

Our Educational Management Solutions- AXEN assists students in gaining sharp insights for correct decision making as well as an improved teaching experience for faculty. 

Getting a graduate degree can be tricky, your software doesn't have to be. 

AXEN is an enterprise resource planning program that can help colleges and universities. The interactive interface of our platform is a one-stop shop for managing students, professors, courses, and academic programs in schools of all sizes.

Comprehensive, cutting-edge, and future-proof LMS platform for fostering growth and learning

Get your education whenever and however you like.

AXEN is a leading provider of eLearning solutions for the tertiary education, workforce development, and business training sectors. Our learning management system has an e-Learning engine that gives students complete freedom over when and where they study. This system is cross-platform and can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, and computers.

One of the best unified educational ecosystems available

Software that can be used by anyone with little or no training at all. 

The size and configuration of AXEN can be adjusted to suit your needs. 

When you need assistance, you can always count on our expert and devoted crew, available around the clock.

A one-stop-shop for all of your academic requirements

Our unified software platform can handle all aspects of running a school, from enrolling new students to sending out bills. Enjoy the smooth operation that comes from its basic yet dynamic user interface and multiple features that work across platforms. 

  • Automation of Prior Paperwor
  • Hassle-Free Admissions Processing 
  • Online Classes for the Next Generation 
  • Modern Payment Gateways and Dashboards 
  • Easy Scheduling & Attendance
  • Fees Management 
  • Parental Collaboration
  • Event Planning and Scheduling Platform
School Management Software

Get rid of outdated systems and run your school more efficiently with AXEN's simple automation.
The best ERP software for all types of schools. AXEN has all the features you'll ever need to keep your school moving in the right direction. 

School Authorities
  • Keep a close eye on everything that goes on at your school.
  • Set permissions for different parts of the software to protect sensitive information. 
  • Easy to keep track of how people are doing. 
  • Centralized data storage makes it easy to get to the information. 
  • Reports are made quickly and automatically, and the turnaround time is estimated. 
  • Lots of reports and data analysis to help make plans for the future. 
  • Make a specific plan for each student's learning. 
  • With just one click, student attendance can be taken automatically. 
  • Marks and grades are kept track of by a computer.
  • Making report cards takes only a few minutes
  • Make a schedule ahead of time so that it can be updated on time. 
  • Assignments can be uploaded and downloaded by students. 
  • Talk to the teachers directly and get information from the portal. 
  • Better communication with teachers 
  • Online assignment submission 
  • Fill out an application for time off 
  • Access to information about attendance, exam schedule, marks, and grades
School Management Software For a Better Tomorrow

We know that keeping up with schoolwork can feel like carrying a basket full of eggs. Everything can fall over with just one quick move. With just one bad call, everything could go wrong. So, we made a program that can help you in more than one way. With AXEN ERP solutions, you can think and do things for yourself. We won't let any eggs in your basket break, so don't worry. You can trust that your basket will be taken care of.

Make a real difference in your education-find a complete EDU answer ASAP.
  • Cut Down Costs for operations and administration
  • Timely reports submission
  • Better usage of resources
  • Streamlined Management of Resources

College Management Software

Give the upper ground to higher education

Consagous AXEN ERP solutions are the best choice for higher education because they can be changed to fit the institution's educational and administrative needs, requires little infrastructure, and can be set up quickly.

Run Your College With Better Innovation and Efficiency

Seeing why your school needs AXEN College ERP Solutions is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Because its core is so flexible, it can be changed to fit the needs of schools and governments anywhere in the world. AXEN is built on open-source technologies and promises excellent customer service. It is distributed in the cloud. Also, it offers the highest level of safety possible, which aligns with all international standards.

Higher education can not be more simplified

Students from the newest generation rely on technology to get information and learn. AXEN ERP management solution for higher education helps students learn more by letting them move quickly between the digital and real worlds. 

Institution's growth will skyrocket

A simple online application process will bring in more students and help your institution grow

No more MANUAL

Manual systems are inconvenient and can be wrong, but an online enrollment process gets rid of both. 

Blend Online

Mix experiences on campus and online to give students more value and keep them interested. 

Mobile App

Control and maintenance of administrative and academic governance can be done quickly from

University Management Software

There’s always more to the number of benefits that industries can derive out of our ERP approach:.

A complete ERP software solution for universities in the field of education

All things at a university are streamlined and made more accessible by AXEN's university ERP solutions. Our university management system software is made for all kinds of universities and colleges, both big and small. 

We Have Everything That Your University Needs

AXEN helps colleges build, run, and grow their digital campuses. It makes it easy for people, systems, and communities to work together across the whole campus in an environment that is efficient, gives good service, and provides each student with a personalized learning experience.

Get complete control over your academic institution with us.
  • Multi-Campus
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Unlimited Programs & Batches
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Users
  • Cloud Enabled

End-to-end University Management Software For Your Needs

Systematized enrollment

Allowing potential students to apply online through a self-service portal eliminates manual processes and saves a lot of time for employees. 

Serve as a central hub for student access

Make the portal the sole location for student course enrollment, registration, and payment. 

Streamline your filing system

Every office on campus will have easy access to student records thanks to a centralized database. 

Involve the faculty

Provide a way for teachers to record grades and gain access to real-time data that is both specific to their institution and comprehensive in scope. 

Maintain order between the available means

Improve the level of openness with which you manage resources, money, and operations. 

Improve your ability to make choices

Keep tabs on the KPIs for strategic decision-making, regulatory compliance, and employee buy-in.

Training Management System
ERP for Companies that Train

Our ERP for training companies has a wide range of features that will give your company everything it needs to be more productive. Also, you get to bring in new customers, sell your courses faster, and build customer and student loyalty by making links that are both profitable and last a long time. You'll also get a lot out of automating email marketing, sending text messages, regular mail, and other sales tasks.

Schedules for Teachers

Our ERP for training organizations tackles scheduling issues by effectively and promptly scheduling the teachers' time. The timetables are freely accessible and up to current online, day or night. AXEN ERP for training businesses also helps you prevent confusion by making it simple to maintain personnel and academic calendars in line. Additionally, keeping track of absences, vacations, and sick days is simple and precise. You can make many timetables, and the teacher can make their own alterations to the schedule.

Seamless Project Administration

With its project management software, AXEN Training ERP solution satisfies all your project management needs and promotes operational excellence. It is the most efficient and clever option currently on the market. Our ERP is a complete project management tool that ensures you have full control over the progress of your projects. You may keep track of your objectives and benchmarks and compare them to your performance. The best in-town expertise, skills, tools, and project management approaches are available through our ERP for training businesses, ensuring that you meet or surpass stakeholder expectations.

Get all the standard features for academic management in a simple but powerful ERP software for training companies.

Want to learn more about our ERP for training companies? Talk to our ERP experts!

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