Healthcare Application Development Services in the Philippines

Custom Healthcare Solutions To Ramp Up Your Goals

The Philippines is known for the highest quality healthcare system. Think ahead and develop cutting-edge technology that can help millions of patients worldwide. 

However, we know that developing mobile healthcare solutions is a complex process if you don’t have expertise in this area.  But a proficient technology provider can make this process easy. Consagous, a leading healthcare app development company in the Philippines that optimizes the best available methodologies to strengthen your business, provides highly functional and easy-to-use healthcare applications. 

We have custom healthcare application development services for doctors, hospitals, research organizations, and physicians that not only help them to build exceptional technology but also dominate their competition and attract more patients!


Telemedicine Mobile App
Telemedicine Mobile App

At Consagous, we integrate HIPAA-compliant telemedicine mobile applications for iOS and Android. Our developers have experience creating top-notch technology that helps you stand out in this highly competitive market. We aim to use emerging technologies to change how patients and healthcare professionals interact. Moreover, we ensure that your telemedicine solution complies with regulatory standards such as HIPAA and HL7.

mHealth Application Development
mhealth App

Consagous has developed localized mHealth applications for multiple platforms. We have developers who can integrate wearable technology with mobile devices and work on the software development of the architecture for real-time monitoring. Our cross-functional solutions improve medical care for patients everywhere. 

Clinic App
Clinic App Development

Want to automate your appointment process?  Consagous can help you to integrate the platform for patients to get reliable, convenient, and timely appointments with doctors. We develop custom applications that enhance the ability to connect with your targeted users and prove profitable in the long run. 

Remote Healthcare Application
Remote Healthcare Application

At Consagous, we offer a complete set of medical devices and a remote monitoring application that allows patients to connect medical data and history with practitioners and keep families and physicians up-to-date on patient safety on an ongoing basis. 

EMR/EHR Software
EMR Software

Integration with Telemedicine ApplicationConsagous provides custom EHR software solutions to help healthcare organizations maximize clinical productivity and enhance the quality of patient care. We build software with a secure database, medication tracking, robust integrated features, and dedicated patient portals. Moreover, we deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that helps healthcare organizations analyze massive amounts of data and make informed decisions.

Why Our Custom Healthcare Mobile App Services?

Task-oriented approach

Every application has a different purpose and goal; a single strategy can’t fulfill every app’s demands. We make task-oriented approaches that satisfy the requirements of a particular department. We always customize our solutions to help clients perform their medical assignments more efficiently. 

User-friendly UI/UX design

Our focus is on amplifying the user experience. At Consagous, we create elaborate UX designs with a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation. Our designs are always adaptable to different screen sizes and devices so that users can access them on any device they choose.

Security assurance

Being a leader in healthcare mobile app development companies in the Philippines, we understand the importance of data protection.  Our team ensures that only authorized personnel access the patients' confidential information- within the scope of their authority.

Integration with multiple internal systems

Our solution is always integrated with multiple internal systems to add value to your app.  We develop the mobile application gateway to other solutions in your infrastructure, including Legacy system integration, Enterprise application integration, Third-party system integration, and Business to Business integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What technologies does our healthcare app developer use?

To develop cutting-edge technology that is accessible to everyone and easy to use, advanced techniques and stacks are used by our developers. We design custom healthcare mobility solutions that include Cloud, Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning tools

2. Is developing a healthcare app profitable?

Yes, developing healthcare applications is a profitable option. As per data, the global mHealth apps market was valued at $43.5 billion in 2022, and the Philippines market was at $684 million. Moreover, 3 in 10 adults reported using at least one health app, which shows that healthcare is a vast industry with the potential to drive higher ROI. 

3. What makes a healthcare app successful?

A thriving healthcare app has emerged with the latest technology and trend that also offers value to its users by providing them with helpful information so they can live healthier lives.

4. How much do healthcare solutions cost?

The cost of healthcare solutions varies depending on the features and technologies you require and the project size. At Consagous, we offer competitive prices and provide various payment options to suit the budget.

5. What service do healthcare app development companies provide?

We are specialized in building top-notch technology with comprehensive features to improve medication and drug management operations. We aim to accelerate digital innovation to enable smarter decisions that modernize patients and reduce cost and consumer engagement.

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