Kakebo, a Comprehensive Money Manager App for You


The main aim of our client was to develop a digital platform for managing and keeping the records of daily expenses using a mobile app. The app was to provide the best user experience by presenting financial records in the form of charts and graphs, and notify the users about their transactions on registered mobile numbers.

The Big Question

Challenges Faced

The app needed to be very secure as it would comprise of critical financial data that cannot be disclosed. Testing was a major hurdle as accounts & payment testing needed to be developed with a lot of precision.

Overcoming Challenges

The client wanted a daily asset management app (Web + Mobile) that would streamline their requirements for automating their business processes with high efficiency and help them enhance their customer experience. Consagous planned, designed and developed money manager Web and Mobile app, which took the functionality and features one step ahead of the client requirements. 

Our development team worked hard to ensure that the apps for both platforms (Android and iOS) adhered to a similar style while catering to their specific design standards. With the help of our cross-team collaboration and consistent client communication, we were able to successfully deliver the mobile app within the pre-decided time frame.

Features of the App

Some of the essential features that were incorporated in Kakebo were as follows:


●       User Profile

●       Add, edit and delete functionalities

●       General Settings

●       Manage expenses

●       Manage income

●       Transfer between accounts

●       Overview monthly balance

●       Expense analytics description

●       View history

●       View statistic graphs and charts of income and expenses

●       Set budgets

Steps Taken

The step-wise process that we follow includes:

Engagement With Users

Business Assessment Document


After intense development sessions with our clients, our mobile app development team came up with the wireframe that would work best for the client requirements. The complete wire-framing process was done based on the specific design requirement by the client. Also, the client’s requirement was taken into consideration for finalizing the wire-frames to work on.

UI/UX Design

UI Design

We designed a customized interface and offered a befitting design for the concept that was ideated. The user interface rendered was highly interactive in accordance with the client’s needs. It was tested rigorously to have a very user-friendly look and feel for the app.

Backend & API

We designed the framework for backend and used APIs to interact with the mobile application. Among the different APIs the REST APIs were the major ones which we utilized. Also, Corn Jobs were utilized to schedule commands at regular intervals. Latest technology frameworks were used to have an entirely functional deployment.


A working prototype of the Kakebo app was prepared on the basis of application flow. The frontend development was done as per the instructions received from the client. Special efforts were made to make the frontend lively and enticing for the users.



Results & Conclusions

Kakebo is now available on Google Play and App Store, successfully managing the fund records of thousands of users in spite of strong competition from leading global players.  All of its special features are accessible via web and mobile app, simplifying and automating the entire fund management process.  

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