Otboo, The Go-To Healthcare App For Everyone


The main aim of our client was to develop a digital platform for patients and doctors where they could connect with each other and patients could book appointments for medical services within their reach. The project had to give real-time live status of the queue and notify the patients about their appointment status so that they wouldn’t have to wait for their turn.

The Big Question

How can Otboo save time for patients and doctors during consultation?

To find out the answer, we monitored the healthcare market and found that 75% of the consumers surveyed said that technology is important in managing their health. Approximately 48% of people use mHealth apps. All these figures clearly show that mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. We took advantage of this scenario and designed Otboo. It provided a platform where patients could book an appointment with their doctors and track the live status of their appointment as well.

Challenges Faced

The challenges faced by our developers during the development process were:

●       Notify the patients, when the doctor arrives at their clinic via SMS or app notifications.
●       Live Queue – Show real-time data to patients & doctors / Clinic.
●       Reschedule appointments
●       Block appointments
●       Language was one of the biggest constraints faced by our development team during the app launch. To deal with this problem, our experienced team integrated third party tools and SDK which allowed the Otboo to load the selected language.

Overcoming Challenges

The client wanted a doctor’s appointment booking app that would streamline the established business identity of clients. Therefore, Consagous planned, designed and developed Otboo mobile app by keeping their specific requirements in mind.

Our development team worked on the designs for Android and iOS simultaneously to ensure that the apps for both platforms adhered to the same style. Our seamless communication with the client and cross-team collaboration helped us to promptly deliver the mobile app in the defined time-frame.

Features of the App

Some of the important features incorporated in the Otboo app were as follows:

●       Signup with basic details
●       Login using email and password.
●       Forget password.
●       Create and edit patient profiles.
●       Online or offline payment mode.
●       Map integration for location purpose.
●       Acknowledgment to the patient for appointment booking, cancellation or delay.
●       View appointments summary. ·
●       A user can submit a query in Otboo.
●       View online consultancy fee summary.
●       View the history of payments.
●       Invoice generation.
●       Ability  to export appointment summary and payment details in pdf, Word or ExcelMIS file.

Steps Taken

There are now nearly 318,000 healthcare mobile apps available in the world. The “global mHealth app market is projected to be valued at US$28.320 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach up to US$102.35 billion by 2023”.

To make our app different from the existing doctor's appointment scheduling apps, we used the latest technologies and design methodologies to offer a live status of the queue and notify the patients about their appointment status so that they didn’t get to wait for their turn.

Engagement With Users

Business Assessment Document


We followed the design-thinking methodology in making our wireframes. After intense creative design and development sessions with our clients, our mobile app developers devised a wireframe that would work best for the doctor booking healthcare app and subsequently got it approved by the client.

UI/UX Design

The complete User Interface design process was done based on client’s requirements. We discussed with the clients to draw their inputs on design and came up with a befitting design for which the concept was ideated. A very user-friendly interface was designed for this app.

UI Design

We designed the framework for the backend and created APIs for interaction with the mobile application. Various other APIs were used to provide full-fledged functionality to the app. The backend of this app was developed using the latest platforms and tools. It was tested to impart high security for the data used in this app.

Backend & API


A working prototype of the Otboo application was prepared on the basis of app flow. A very interactive front-end was designed for this app. The colour theme and other aspects were finalized after the client’s approval.



Results & Conclusions

Otboo is now available on Google Play and App Store. It was launched by the client as an effective appointment scheduling mobile app to reduce the waiting time of patients to a considerable extent. The application has an obvious advantage due to its rich functionalities and robust features. We now work with the same client on entirely new projects, a new step in what has already become a long-term partnership.