WARRIOR SMS Online Studio Management Platform


The client reached out to us with the requirement of an online studio management platform that provided an end-to-end solution for the scheduling and management of classes, services, staff, products, class and workshop fees, appointments, and more, both from the business-end as well as the customer end. With the Warrior SMS online studio management platform, the client wanted to bring different aspects of the business on a single platform, not just for smoother management of operations but also to empower end-users with a very interactive solution to make their lives easier with a future-proof, yet delightful User Interface (UI).

The Big Question

Appointment allocation and keeping a check on different classes to be conducted were some of the many things to be handled from the admin end, making everything simple. All this, through the creation of a profile on the Warrior SMS online studio management platform.

For the end-users or the customers, Warrior SMS's online studio management platform allowed them to attend any of the mentioned classes, or make a purchase through this single point platform.

Challenges Faced

Warrior SMS's online studio management platform did bring with it a few challenges that had to be taken care of. While the use of the latest technology always makes things a little more cohesive, every little detail needs to work with perfection.

The key challenges were-

  • Ensuring good cross-platform functionality.
  • Managing databases from both ends, the business as well as the end-users.
  • The secure payment gateway for all the relevant service appointments and schedules.
  • Designing a UI that could stay clean, even with the high amount of mandatory inclusions.

Overcoming Challenges

After designing and testing multiple wireframes to provide a comprehensive functionality, the finalized design perfectly demonstrated everything that encompassed the intent behind the Warrior SMS online studio management platform.

The final design was simple enough in its operation, yet attractive enough to deliver a delightful user experience from both the ends, smoothing out any kind of ruffles whatsoever. Users were in line for a true, top-notch experience.

Features of the App

Features of Warrior SMS Online Studio Management Platform

  • Module-based business registration : A separate module creation for easy registration of businesses on the platform.
  • A cutting-edge Super Admin : Manage absolutely anything from a single panel, for both the instructors and end-users. 
  • Video-based Walkthrough Screen : Facilitating easy navigation through the complete app with the help of videos.
  • Two-factor authentication : Mandatory two-factor verification for every single user.
  • Cancellation of appointment : A one-hour option to cancel any appointment that a user has already made.

Steps Taken

From the first interaction with the client, the team at Consagous was fully aware of one thing- the Warrior SMS online studio management platform had to be one cutting-edge solution to meet the requirements that were listed in the meeting sessions.

This made it way easier to chalk out the way ahead for its app development.

Engagement With Users

Business Assessment Document


The next step involved taking the client into a loop about the entire working of the app, which was explained with the assistance of multiple wireframes. Collectively, one wireframe was decided upon for further work.

UI/UX Design

Staying true to the idea of the app, the most perfect design was agreed upon that brought out all the features beautifully.

UI Design

Backend & API

The database management was managed through MySQL, while PHP Code Ignitor laid the foundation of the entire framework. For all the SMS messages that were to be sent for timely notifications, Plivo was the preferred gateway. On the server of Amazon EC2, Bomboray was used as the payment gateway, and the Amazon S3 Storage bucket was chosen to store all the required images.


The development team brought the final on-paper design of the app to the web, which was further enhanced by the final working prototype, powered by AngularJS.



Results & Conclusions

The Warrior SMS online studio management platform is a success story of our commitment to quality, complemented with cutting-edge technology that makes future-proofing to a very high degree, a reality.

Given its motive of simplifying otherwise complex appointments and class schedules, Warrior SMS's online studio management platform has become a go-to solution for a large base of users.

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