The client was in need of an app to help people during this COVID-19 outbreak and eliminate inequalities in healthcare among the Black, Latino, and Rural communities in the USA and provide them with an efficient healthcare procedure, to save them the hassle of taking risks and head over to their doctors for appointments. In short, something that could be a revolutionary solution in this newly developed telehealth sector. With the competition heating up, there was a need to bring on board a team that wasn’t just renowned, but combined cutting-edge technology with professional commitment too.

The Big Question

How was this telehealth app supposed to be of help?

The main purpose of this telemedicine app was to deliver perfect healthcare in the hands of every app user. As a HIPAA compliant telehealth app, it empowered its users to take the benefits of live video visits by their Board-certified medical professionals right on their smartphones, computers, or tablets.

Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge in the development of this HIPAA compliant telehealth app was to synchronize the overall operations in order to keep it functioning seamlessly. With patient records and medical history to be stored in the app, security was a high priority.

Some more challenges were- 

  • Maintaining the records of patients and doctors accurately and efficiently.
  • Upload pictures of medical records, prescriptions, etc.
  • Smooth video conferencing feature and interface.
  • An impeccable user experience, from both doctor and patient apps.

Overcoming Challenges

The final solution for the app involved a framework that had perfect security and a seamless interface for both the doctors as well as their patients. Patients could schedule their video appointment by choosing their preferred doctor with 24/7 access from simply anywhere. Moreover, smooth functioning was critical for both Google Play and App Store platforms.

Features of the App

  • No Requirement of Appointments : By just a simple registration process, users can pick their preferred doctor or physician from this HIPAA compliant app.
  • Round The Clock Access From Anywhere : The visit can be conducted from absolutely any location in the world.
  • Cost-effective and economical :The visits are cost-effective and take into account the overall financial crunches presently.
  • Payment Gateway : A secure way to make and receive payments between patients and doctors.

Steps Taken

With a lot of focus to fulfill the client requirements in the exact same manner, our Business Analysis team at Consagous Technologies undertook healthy research and came up with the perfect plan to create the app for patients of the Black, Latino, and the Rural communities in the USA.

Our telehealth app had to blend cutting-edge technology into a highly simple-to-use interface for both the doctors and patients. 

Here are some of the steps that resulted in the successful development of this app-

Engagement With Users

Business Assessment Document


Our development team then had a long discussion with the client regarding the best app wireframe that could deliver a really nice experience to every single user, whether it be a doctor or patient.

UI/UX Design

Our discussion with the client also involved getting a customized interface, for which a number of designs were provided as per the concept.

UI Design

Backend & API

For a smooth and de-cluttered backend, we employed REST APIs for linking it perfectly with the mobile app, on the language platform of Node.js. For the purpose of maintaining the user databases, the tried and tested MySQL was put in place. To facilitate a smooth calling process, the team took assistance from Quick Blocks.


With the finalized app flow, a working prototype of the app was designed to check out its overall soundness.



Results & Conclusions

Consagous Technologies has always made sure to stick by deadlines and deliver perfection. This telemedicine app was no exception, and the client was more than happy with the outcome of all the discussions that turned into a great app that could redefine the telehealth sector.

The user base of the app too is increasing with every passing day, which shows that the app is highly usable and is working well among people in terms of use. 

Global Appreciation with Numerous Awards