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Want to build a music app like Spotify? Consagous can help you! We are an exceptional music streaming app company in California. Our specialty is offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art live music streaming application development for individuals and enterprises. If you have ideas for creating a music app like top music streaming applications like Spotify, Qobuz, and Tidal, hire our expert services; we can turn your vision into reality. And the best part is our developers know how to make your app stand out in the competitive marketplace.

Music Streaming App Development

On-Demand Music Streaming App Development Services

Apps for Bands
Apps for Bands

Want to build an app for a band? Consagous is a leader in developing, designing, and marketing custom iOS and Android apps for bands and musicians. Our industry experts will assist you in finding the perfect market fit and also provide the first-rate technology that will roll over your business in the music industry. Moreover, with our product knowledge and superior analytics, we'll take your mobile product to the top.

Music Editing Apps
Music app development

The most challenging task is providing a great user experience for apps to edit music on mobile. At Consagous, we have some of the top UI/UX designer experts in California that help you create an appealing design. Not only this, but we also have experience in working with the sound capabilities of mobile platforms. The combo of these two powers gives us the strength to make a perfect music editing services app that loves to use.

Music Learning Apps
Music Learning Apps

Our highly experienced developers strive to produce an excellent music-learning app that makes learning pleasurable. We have expertise in developing every intricate detail of your app’s user interface that will contribute to education and entertainment for your user. 

Streaming Music Apps
Music Apps

Spotify has revolutionized the entire music industry. Now users will prefer music apps instead of downloading music onto their devices. At Consagous, we can build a music streaming app that can create remarkable images in the market. Our cutting-edge technology works well across various devices and provides a seamless experience.

Why Choose Consagous For Music Streaming App Development?

Dedicated Developers

Our team's dedication to the work will not stop you from hiring us. We have expertise in developing an on-demand music-streaming app. Moreover, our team believes in complete transparency when it comes to the work. We will provide regular updates on your campaigns so you will also know the work status and progress. 

On-time Delivery

Consagous developers believe in on-time delivery. We are committed to delivering the best possible results for our clients on time by leveraging advanced technology and data-driven strategies. This is the standard practice that we follow.

The Expert Team

Consagous developers are well-versed in the latest tech stack.  As a result, we can deliver cutting-edge and platform-oriented music applications.


No matter what type of app you want to develop with us. Our team always stays focused on the client’s data and privacy. Our priority is ensuring security. That’s why we create a music streaming app that adheres to high-security standards and remains safe from end-to-end. 

Top Features To Be Included In Music Apps

Categorize Songs

For user ease; we provide categorized songs through different playlists such as party, romantic, devotional, joyful, etc.

Download An App

Integration of download features allows users to play music even without an internet connection.

Create Playlist

Integrating features of creating a playlist allows users to add all their favorite songs in one place. After adding songs, the user can directly play the much-loved music song anytime.

Subscription Plan

Providing a subscription feature to the user so they can play unlimited songs without going through ads.

Browser Number Of Songs

A good music app has a browser of the songs. It will allow listeners to find and play any album or single track.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I develop a music streaming app?

To develop a music streaming app, you must go through the following steps:
·         First, you must work on your requirements and specify your goal.
·         As the next step, you need to consult with a Music Streaming Mobile App Development Company.
·         Launch the MVP version and get direct feedback.
·         Remove the app bugs and test it again.
·         Launch the final version.

2. How much does a Music Streaming App Development service cost?

The cost of our Music Streaming App Development can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Generally, we charge a one-time fee for our services in addition to recurring monthly or quarterly fees for ongoing maintenance and optimization.

3. How do music streaming applications make money?

Most streaming music applications generate revenue by selling ad-free music and podcast-streaming services. Besides that, apps use a subscription-based model, charging a specific fee from album owners and making revenues from the download.

4. How long does it take to build a music app?

A small version can be completed in two months, a medium-sized app in three to four months, and a large app in five to six months. However, this is an estimated time. The entire process can take a bit more or less time. Mostly, time varies depending on the requirement.

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