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Who doesn't love good music? Music can capture anyone's attention regardless of age.

Are you planning on building a music streaming app? If yes, hold on to that idea and start looking for reliable developers. The music industry has promising potential to raise your ROI, and after the success of apps like Spotify, and Tidal, this looks like the beginning of a new era for the music world. However, building feature-rich apps is only possible with a leading tech company. You require tech experts to help you create a technology that supports your music app worldwide.

Leading Music App Development Service in Germany

Consagous is a leading mobile application development company in Germany providing on-demand music streaming app development services that not only meet user requirements but also meet your company’s goals. Additionally, our application developers are well-versed in developing distinctive applications to retain customer loyalty. Hence, if you want to go into the music streaming app market, Consagous is the way to go.

Music Streaming App
What differentiates Us

One of our core services is music app development. We assist clients worldwide in developing first-class music applications with advanced features and an exceptional user experience. Our most excellent solutions can help you compete in the music industry's market and transform the music industry. Here are some core areas that differentiate us from others:

·         20+ Trained Developers
·         Performance-driven Technology
·         Custom Solution
·         Competitive Pricing
·         Timely Status Updates

Our Solutions

At Consagous, we are responsible for the design, deploying seamless codes, management, and end-to-end integration. However, our services are endless; developing your product from scratch into a fully functioning application is our specialty. Whether a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, we can adapt to your needs and provide a stunning digital product that meets your standards. Here are some of the music streaming app development services that we offer:  

·         Apps for Bands
·         Music Editing Apps
·         Music Learning Apps
·         Streaming Music Apps
·         Applications like Spotify
·         Text To Audio Conversion App
·         Singing Apps

What Can You Expect From an On-Demand Music Streaming App?

Appease music fans with on-demand music streaming powered by feature-rich mobile applications.

User Panel

Register And Login

Our developers integrated login with Google and other social media platforms to provide a smoother login process.

High-Quality Streaming

We cannot compromise the audio quality. We can ensure high-quality audio despite modification of the Internet connection.  

Diverse Search Option

This feature lets users find their favorite artists, songs, and albums in a single tap. It provides access to enjoyable music without wasting time searching for a particular song.

Offline Mode

Users admire being able to store, mark as favorites, or download songs or tracks that they find intriguing. This is a must-have feature in today's music streaming apps, allowing users to download and access music from the app offline. 

Like And Share

Adding social share functionality to your music app can enhance its interactivity and entertainment value. The music-sharing and liking tool is one of the most popular and user-friendly alternatives you can provide to music enthusiasts using your app. 

Admin Panel


Pre-listing options for admin to ensure the quality of audio before adding them. Moreover, it also helps with advertisement.

Edit Albums

Using the dashboard, the administrator can frequently update music playlists, adding or removing songs.  


We provide various payment gateways that help users pay as per their preferences.


The admin can easily manage all ads and promotional campaigns using API integration.

Push Notifications

One of the easiest ways to boost customer engagement is push notifications. Sending an update about new music or the newest features will help users to save a lot of time and automate the process of updating their app's registered users. Moreover, alert them to any crucial information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it still worth making an app music player app?

It is worth it if you have unique and creative ideas that can compel users to switch on your apps.  However, streaming live music services has become highly competitive due to apps like Spotify and Apple. If you are thinking of building the same, then you have to face extreme competition, and there are possibilities that you require much time to accumulate users.  The only thing getting users quicker is cutting-edge technology and an interactive interface with feature-rich apps. Consagous music app developers can help you to create the technology that will stand up your app in the market and cut the competition.

2. How much does developing a music streaming app in Germany cost?

The cost of developing a music streaming app in Germany depends on the requirements, your market area, and the technology you want. 

3. What are the possible monetization models for music apps?

Here are the proven method of monetization for a music app:

Freemium: This strategy provides consumers unrestricted access to music while charging for additional services.
Ads: Collaborate with multiple organizations to allow their advertisements to play on the app for freemium users.
Paid Plans: This plan revokes the user's right to use the app for free. As a result, if you wish to monetize your app through the third approach, you can build confidence in the user by offering a free trial time and extending it.

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