Cloud Services and Solutions

Development of Cloud Applications 

In order to create Cloud Based Software Solutions, including database, virtualization, and architecture services, a cloud platform is an operational activity that has become essential. To simplify their company operations, companies worldwide utilize cloud technologies' benefits.

At Consagous Technologies, we have a group of skilled Cloud Based Solutions providers who are professionals in creating complex server-side solutions that let your users easily access apps from just about anywhere. In addition, our cloud application development services assist clients in utilizing the expanding pool of public and private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) suppliers and preparing to move to the cloud

We develop robust cloud-based solutions for all popular platforms and languages, including Python, iOS, Ruby, Android, PHP, Node JS, Java, and more. We also assist you with moving your server, database, and apps to the cloud.

Cloud Application Development

Using cutting-edge cloud technology, Consagous Technologies creates dependable, scalable, and affordable cloud applications. 

Development Of Cloud Apps 

To provide you with the most scalable and reliable cloud solutions, we at Consagous Technologies collaborate with your team to build cloud-based applications utilizing standardized development processes and technologies. 

Integrated Cloud Application 

Utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies, we can quickly and efficiently integrate apps and data into your application by optimizing the app architecture. Our solutions remove any obstacles to your clients' access to the applications. 

Configuring the Cloud 

Any program you use may be readily configured for the cloud environment by our professionals, regardless of the kind. We have assisted several domestic and foreign clients with the most up-to-date and tested cloud technology. 

Develop Native Enterprise Cloud Solutions

With an end-to-end design process, our cloud application developer can access Native Enterprise Cloud Solutions that will provide you with well-known business value. We have produced various cloud-native apps by utilizing the benefits of several contemporary approaches, including PaaS, Multicloud, Microservices, and DevOps

Cloud Migration Services and Implementation 

Our experts can move your application between cloud providers utilizing agile techniques and approaches to improve the performance of your cloud platform. Consagous Technologies guarantees smooth Cloud Migration Services with no data loss.  

Development of SaaS and PaaS 

By utilizing robust and dependable back-end languages like Python, ASP.NET Core, PHP, etc., we at Consagous Technologies offer robust and scalable cloud-based application development services.


Our Multi-cloud Deployment Services (MCDS) offer a multi-cloud development solution that enables businesses to upgrade their apps and infrastructure. Your journey to the cloud will be more agile, efficient, secure, and predictable thanks to our services' pre-integration and testing with numerous infrastructure, application, and cloud services.

Public cloud and multi-cloud

Our cloud services assist in identifying which workloads belong in a public cloud and which should stay in a private cloud. Consagous’s private cloud services include fully managed compute as a service and storage as a service options for both on- and off-premises managed environments.


From analysing your company's needs to counselling on cloud strategies to employee training, we are dedicated to offering high-quality service throughout our collaboration. Our business analysts collaborate closely with the solution architects to make adoption and use of the cloud easy and feasible. 

IT Infrastructure Evaluation

Our cloud computing specialists will evaluate your essential infrastructure, app dependencies, expected cost, and business objectives to assist you in planning cloud use cases and maximising prospects. This will guarantee that adopting the cloud won't put you at risk.


Safe, future-proof cloud infrastructure is created by our engineers and solution architects. Additionally, they determine the optimum tech stack and develop a thorough cloud adoption strategy that supports your company's objectives.

Creation and Implementation 

We can assist you with cloud deployment and, if required, cloud infrastructure implementation.


We carry out thorough end-to-end testing prior to launching the product in the market to make sure it will function without a hitch when it is put into use.


If you want to improve compliance, lower operational expenses, or optimise your cloud environment, we provide assistance.

Continued Assistance 

To keep your cloud workflows quick, secure, and in line with your business processes, we can track and optimise your cloud resources and spending, broaden your cloud service portfolio, carry out compliance checks, and offer employee trainings.

Stay updated with the latest and trending updates from the world of technology. 

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